Thursday, January 11, 2007

And no term is fixed for that

Fukuyama’s The End of History posited the puzzling finding that high economic growth was achieved equally under autocracies as in countries with democratic apparatus. Half a century earlier Sri Aurobindo had commented that the linkage of the equalitarian ideal of rise of the proletariat with Socialism was only an accident of history and had no causal affinity.

The recorded history might inform us a number of such anomalies and absurdities but the sense of an underlying evolutionary impulse of the world-soul signaling is unmistakable. Whereas the periods of plutoed downslide should be seen perched on its spiral, there are, as Sri Aurobindo assures, contrary order possibilities that can perform reversals in an emergent fashion. And no term is fixed for that. 1:50 AM 1:33 AM

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