Thursday, March 01, 2007

I say that you have to be a fanatic

[Whenever I am invited to give lectures, I say that I can either tell you about the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo or about the practice of it. About the philosophy, I explain the evolutionary aspect and say that the Aurobindonian vision is the most broad-minded there is. But if I am talking about the practice of Integral Yoga, I say that you have to be a fanatic—totally focused—otherwise it is pointless. - Georges Van Vrekhem Life Positive, November 2001 7:47 PM]
It was Georges Van Vrekhem who in his Beyond the Human Species or Beyond man first dwelt on forcefully on the aspects of divinity of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo and their miraculous interventions. He repeated these themes in his Mother: The Story of Her Life and Patterns of the present. And from these seeds perhaps have germinated the brave new idea of Savitri Era. Get right or get left. [TNM]

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