Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Self-organizing complexity

[Law becomes more complex and less rigid, Process more plastic and less mechanical when there comes in the phenomenon of Life, and yet more is this so when Mind intervenes with its subtlety; an inner freedom already begins to intervene and, the more we go within, the soul's power of choice is increasingly felt: The Life Divine Volume-19 > Rebirth And Other Worlds; Karma, the Soul and Immortality]
[All cosmic existence is a complex harmony and does not finish with the limited range of consciousness in which the ordinary human mind and life is content to be imprisoned. Being, consciousness, force, substance descend and ascend a many-runged ladder on each step of which being has a vaster self-extension, consciousness a wider sense of its own range and largeness and joy, force a greater intensity and a more rapid and blissful capacity, substance gives a more subtle, plastic, buoyant and flexible rendering of its primal reality. For the more subtle is also the more powerful,—one might say, the more truly concrete; it is less bound than the gross, it has a greater permanence in its being along with a greater potentiality, plasticity and range in its becoming. : The Life Divine Volume-18 > The Ascending Series Of Substance Page-257]
"Law becomes more complex and less rigid" and "the more subtle is also the more powerful,—one might say, the more truly concrete" are major governing principles so far as technology is concerned. Not to get overwhelmed by the complexity surrounding us, therefore, is the saving formula as an inner freedom is in operation all the while and "He does not sleep." [TNM]

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