Wednesday, March 14, 2007

No one else can match the Savitri Era

[Having witnessed the powerful influence of Nazi propaganda during his days as a member of the Hitler Youth, Pope Benedict xvi is well aware of the mind-controlling power of effective communications psychology. Under John Paul ii, and now Benedict xvi, hundreds of thousands of youth have turned out at the annual Roman Catholic youth festivals. The pope knows that herein lies the future of the effort of the church to captivate and hold the minds of the upcoming generation—and the future of Roman Catholicism...The Vatican is winning the religious media war hands down! By Ron Fraser 2:53 PM 2:30 PM]
The Vatican, with its enormous resources, might inundate the world with propaganda, but for the Savitri Erans the Internet is the right ammunition at the moment. After all, it is a war of knowledge and learning where no one else can match us. [TNM] 9:17 PM 1:29 PM

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