Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gutenberg to Google-Blogger

[Modern Review (Calcutta) since 1907. Founded by Ramananda Chatterjee, the Modern Review soon emerged as an important forum for the Indian Nationalist intelligentsia. - wikipedia]

The Arya ceased publication in 1921 and The standard Bearer in 1924. Some of Sri Aurobindo's writings were also published in outside periodicals like Modern Review (Calcutta), Calcutta Review, The Vedic Magazine (Lahore), Shama's (Madras), Suprabhat (Bengali), and Bharati (Bengali). Other journals like Hindustan Review, Prabuddha Bharata, Vedanta Kesari, The Scholar, Aryan Path, New Review, etc. carried various essays and articles by the disciples till Sri Aurobindo Mandir Annual (1942), and The Advent (1944) were launched.

The Mother's talk, "Woman and the War" was published in the Fujoshimbun newspaper in Japan on July 7, 1916. [TNM]

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