Monday, September 03, 2007

Vanga-Darsan and 6, Theatre Road

[A more self-composed era of creative assurance was now entered, and with the founding of Vanga-Darsan in 1872 (the year of the foundation of the National Theatre and the first public stage) Bankim undertook the task of formulating the philosophy of Bengali nationalism...Critical conservatism was organizing itself (under Bankim’s leadership) on the basis of national pride and “national” cultural, to be revitalized with the science and rational thought of the West. -- Gopal Haldar, Bengali Literature Before And After 1857, People's Democracy Vol. XXXI No. 35 September 02, 2007. From Rebellion 1857 – A Symposium, Edited by P C Joshi, National Book Trust 2007 reprint; First published in 1957]
And the same year on August 15 was born Sri Aurobindo at 6, Theatre Road poised to play a role that would alter the destiny of the world. The next Act unfolds now. [TNM]

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