Monday, September 10, 2007

The ''narrow ridge''

[In Martin Buber's I and Thou or Sri Aurobindo's Life Divine, the philosophy and the theology are so integrally related that it is difficult to decide whether to call these projects philosophical theology or theological philosophy... It is time for the West to adopt a more humble attitude towards a philosophical tradition based not upon the conquest of the world but upon the conquest of self, upon self development, more specifically, the raising of the self to ever higher levels of consciousness. This is the perennial aim of Indian philosophy, an aim never more badly needed than today, when the results of our Western pre-occupation with science and technology threaten the physical world with destruction. -- Christopher E Macann Add comment 9:17 AM]
Buber once attended "a meeting of European intellectuals at Easter 1914, called to discuss the establishment of a supranational authority for the purpose of maintaining peace." His Unfinished Dialogue stands entwined with the agenda of Savitri Era. [TNM]

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