Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Palestinian and Israeli sides will come together under The Mother's banner

[The Cold War as Ancient History By ROGER COHEN Op-Ed Columnist NYT: February 4, 2008 BERLIN It’s now 18 years, a generation, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, so I thought I’d ask some post-wall German high school kids about communism. The subject seemed about as riveting and relevant to them as, say, the Holy Roman Empire.
“Communism? What’s that?” said Ricardo Westendorf, 17, a student at the Carl-von-Linné school in what was East Berlin. “I think we talked about it in a history lesson, but I was ill.”]
[Will Germany ever escape from shame of its past? Scotsman, United Kingdom - 30 Jan 2008" Where in the world has one ever seen a nation that erects memorials to immortalise its own shame?" asked Avi Primor, the former Israeli ambassador to ...
German railway displays its Holocaust shame Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 23 Jan 2008By Harry de Quetteville in Berlin Germany's state railway yesterday caved in to pressure to document its role in deporting Jews to Nazi concentration camps, ...
STEPHANIE SALTER: After denial and excuses, it’s time to take ...Terre Haute Tribune Star, IN - 2 Feb 2008... a former Israeli ambassador to Germany, as saying, “Where in the world has one ever seen a nation that erects memorials to immortalize its own shame? ...
As Kulish wrote: “Why Germany seems unendingly obsessed with Nazism is itself a subject of perpetual debate here, ranging from the nation’s philosophical temperament, to simple awe at the unprecedented combination of organization and brutality, to the sense that the crime was so great that it spread like a blot over an entire culture.
“Whatever the reasons, as the events become more remote, less personal, this society is forced to confront the question of how it should enshrine its crimes and transgressions over the longer term.”In other words, if a nation’s people truly mean “never again,” they must accept that it can be achieved only through owning the sins anew, generation after generation. If there is a statute of limitations on Germany’s responsibility for the Holocaust, its leaders and general populace seem to be saying, it lies far, far in the future.]
Nazism and Communism are inextricably linked to the birth and growth of the Savitri Era Religion, although the whole mythology is yet to be collated. The epic saga of why and how The Mother and Sri Aurobindo came together to fight them commands a slender reception at present, but will be too evident when both the Palestinian and Israeli sides readily agree to come together under The Mother's banner. That will be the end of another wall. Let's hope and pray that it happens soon. [TNM]

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