Friday, February 01, 2008

Savitri Era Party is raring to play a dominant role

[ When we elect a President we are not electing a benevolent philosopher-king who has autonomy to do the right thing. We are electing a group of people (i.e. national security and foreign policy advisers) who have ties and responsibilities with special interest groups that support their campaigns and back their policies. As they say in mystery novels, "follow the money trail." And therein lies the aorta of political corruption. Conspiracy theorists love to riff on this angle, and rightly so.
Case in point: In a Global Research article,
2008 election charade: White House bought by big money, Larry Chin argues:
"There is no illusion what the “election” really is, and whose hands are manipulating the sock puppets [presidential candidates]. Each sock puppet serves the world’s upper management, and uses the populace as cannon fodder.... The ignorant, acquiescent, uninformed and often painfully stupid mass US populace not only marches to the beat set by a blatantly corrupt corporate media, it further adds to its self-destruction by aping the political views of wealthy Hollywood celebrities -- who are themselves painfully ignorant and misguided individuals, making asinine decisions with their celebrity power and mega-fortunes."
Well, I'm not saying that Larry Chin has an accurate view with his
New World Order conspiracy theory goggles. But he does have a point when it comes to the corrupting influence of big money...
The deeper I dig the more dirt I gather, the more stench I uncover. But there's one valuable thing I gain from following this election: it's an exercise on awareness of political issues and their local and global repercussions.
Maybe that's
why economists don't vote. -- Ignore the rhetoric and follow the money from ~C4Chaos by ~C4Chaos]
[India remains in desperate need of a serious Conservative Party
Our dismal politics
Will Independent India Survive Until 2047? The 2008 Budget or the 2009 General Election seem likely to remain in the grip of all such dramatis personae permanently on the Indian stage, and no new real creative constructive force seems likely to appear.
www.the Special article Friday, 1 February 2008] 7:30 AM 5:02 AM
Endless analysis and criticism is pointless. Savitri Era Party is raring to play a dominant role if all right thinking citizens come forward with their support and goodwill. [TNM]

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