Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vendryès, Saussure, Sri Aurobindo, Heidegger, and Einstein

RYD's riddle, random market versus efficient market [7:49 AM] can also apply to the language conundrum. While Vendryès maintains that "By establishing a harmony between a thing and its name, we conform to a psychic habit as old as humanity" [7:27 PM], Saussure "argues that the relation between a sound pattern and a concept is arbitrary."
Interestingly, Sri Aurobindo would support the former view lending a tacit echo to Einstein’s "god doesn't play dice" doctrine. Even, technical analysis of the stock prices, like Chaos or Game, looks for patterns and predictability. And such conjunction is not at all unusual given Heidegger's "the house of the Being" hypothesis. [TNM]

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