Monday, August 09, 2010

Let Sri Aurobindo be your guide

[ The Upanishads, 1st US Edition Respectfully disagree, March 25, 2004 By Driver9 (New York, NY USA) - See all my reviews
This review is limited to the translation only, and on that I must disagree with the other reviewers. The translation, as I understand it by Aurobindo himself, is nearly impenetrable. The syntax and grammar, sentence arrangement and choice of vocabulary are confusing and do not effectively convey the meaning of the text. This became sharply apparent when I read another translation and the profound beauty of the text came through. Try the Juan Mascaro version.
The What to Read, March 10, 2007 By    Clarence W. Bass Jr. "Starry-Eye" (Cleveland, Ohio) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)   
Having completed 51 pages of this 466 page work I suggest that this tranaslation, analysis and commentary of Upanishads, by Sri Aurobindo is the what to read if anything for those on the paths of knowledge and devotion. Don't go any further. If it be upon my suggestion that you read anything, read this first. If it is illumination of this great work that you seek, let Sri Aurobindo be your guide. May you find your way. Clarence]

Both reviews can be said to be right depending upon how far the reader has prepared himself to benefit from the work in question. Sri Aurobindo’s translations and commentaries on Sanskrit texts are certainly not of the introductory kind and therefore many experiencing a colossal frustration in the beginning is a common occurrence. The trick, however, is to plod on and the secret unfolds by and by. [TNM]   

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