Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shahu Chhatrapati sent a secret donation of Rs.5000

[Lokamanya Tilak, father of the Indian freedom struggle Dhananjay Keer - 1969 - 463 pages - Snippet view
Tilak wanted to keep the word Swaraj undefined, because Pal and Aurobindo had voiced absolute political independence as the goal of ... It is very surprising that Shri Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur secretly supplied Tilak with confidential ...]
His patriotism is shown by the financial assistance which he had given for the defence of Sri Aurobindo Ghose in the famous Alipore Bomb case. As a Maharaja and as a man, Shahu was outstanding in his own time. ...
[Shahu Chhatrapati: a royal revolutionary Dhananjay Keer - 1976 - 536 pages 
On May 2, 1908, the leader of Bengali youth, Aurobindo Ghose, was arrested and taken into custody as an ordinary ... In June there was an appeal by Mrs. Sarojini Ghose, sister of Aurobindo, for contributions to the defence fund of ... who was suspected by the British Government all his life, that Shahu Chhatrapati sent a handsome donation of Rs. 5000 ...
Dhananjay Keer reports in his biography that Shahu gave a secret donation of Rs. 5000/- to a fund to defend Aurobindo Ghosh in 1908. Within Kolhapur, however, Shahu suppressed all nationalist terrorist activity. ...
[The Bomb in Bengal: The Rise of Revolutionary Terrorism in India 1900-1910 - Peter Heehs - 1993 - 324 pages - Snippet view
Sri Aurobindo: A Brief Biography .
Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1989. -. 'Terrorism in India during the Freedom Struggle'. The Historian 55 (Spring 1993) ...AB Memoirs of His Highness Shri Shahu Chatrapati Maharaja of Kolhapur, vol. ...]

Genealogically, Sri Aurobindo can be linked to diverse political parties operating in India today. The role of Rajshri Shahu Ji Maharaj forms an indelible bonding with the Bahujan Samaj Party too. [TNM] 

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