Wednesday, August 11, 2010

M. Kumars whodunit

Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust entered into an agreement with a US publisher to release a biography of Sri Aurobindo modeled somewhat on the S. Kumars Ka Filmy Muqadama style with the hope that the book will be a money spinner. It is not known how much royalty the Ashram has earned from the sales of the book since 2008, but it surely was a royal blunder to have played with the reputation of Sri Aurobindo in such a cavalier fashion. Knowing fully well that there are lakhs of followers and admirers of Sri Aurobindo around the world who would be acutely anguished by such tabloid sensationalism, the project was carried through in a hush hush manner. What were the compulsions for such an act of hara-kiri continues to be a mystery till date.

Savitri Era party demands to make all correspondence leading to the production of the book public, so that the names of the real culprits are brought to light. [TNM]

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