Monday, September 27, 2010

Das Gupta is a captive of Heehs camp

[All we did was to introduce the Commonwealth to Indian standards of hygiene and the Commonwealth became a gibbering wreck. The world is amazed only because it has always underestimated India’s destructive capacity, which is second only to India’s self-destructive capacity. Much Good from a Bad Games ]

[Before a community implodes or capitulates to its most extreme elements there is generally a loss of decency among those leading the charge against its more tolerant members. admin Posted September 25, 2010 at 5:10 pm Permalink]

[while they will exert themselves to quash rumors about their own actions/inaction as Ashram trustees, they are perfectly fine with rumors and gossip being spread about Sri Aurobindo. Comment posted by Govind]

By now it is clear that Das Gupta is a captive in the hands of Heehs camp and signs on dotted lines. He is also bound by the commands of his advocate dealing with the court cases. Pity that the head of such a haloed institution becomes a prisoner of such extraneous elements. [TNM] 


  1. Can you ANY of the anti-Lives people provide a passage which they feel is false or critical or that denigrate Sri Aurobindo?
    I am a devotee but do not see what people are getting upset about.

  2. Manoj Das Gupta is the latest to join the anti-book bandwagon, and you may address your request to him for an authorized explanation. [TNM]

  3. In what way can the Asram trust disassociate from the book now? What are the legal ways and the more popular ways? There is already a print in America. Would it like to issue an official refutation on the contested statements in the book?