Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nandhivarman stands vindicated

N. Nandhivarman has been consistently exposing the hollowness of the Ashram and Auroville administration for quite a while. Sadly such warnings from civil society sources were treated dismissively and many were eager to malign him. Now that the ashramites are divided and are locked in a legal battle, Nandhivarman stands vindicated. His volatile reports appeared before the Heehs imbroglio broke out and got buried in the process. It is high time that the brochures he has published receive due attention, leaving aside, of course, the portions pertaining to his objections as a rationalist (to which he is entitled). [TNM]


  1. I have been cautioned by well wishers within ashram that black magic will be employed if I continue my tirade, but I said black and red are in my flag so nothing will happen to me.Hence fears instilled in them makes the inmates slaves with no self confidence to raise their voice of protest, such is their level of supramental consciousness, infact total submissiveness to the trustees with inflated egos.

  2. Their black magic is not worth a rat's excrement! Their threats show the abyss of "infrarationality" in which they are trapped and without benefit of awareness of this fact.