Sunday, September 26, 2010

Let the error of Dr. Ambedkar be reversed

Dalit votaries usually get worked up against various provisions of Manusmriti. Paradoxically, they love to overlook that it is the Constitution of India that has permanently chained them to the age old derogatory identity under a new tag called Scheduled Castes. Despite the daring Hindu Code Bill promulgated more than half a century back, why they hark bark to Manusmriti is riddlesome.

Dr. Ambedkar awarded them the benefits of reservations which they vigorously defend. But clinging to the appellation Dalit or the lowest stratum of society comes with the bargain. Generation next is also forced by the parents into this identity against their wishes. Whether one can willingly opt out lawfully is also not clear.

The easiest route to be rescued from this mess is to embrace Savitri Era Religion. It has no past baggage and is futuristic in orientation. It is high time that the error of Dr. Ambedkar is reversed and the Dalits in India live as equals and with dignity. [TNM]  

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