Sunday, October 31, 2010

More or less

The plethora of choices one encounters in every field of life today is simply mind-boggling. A surfeit of terms referring to the same thing is another perplexing affair. For example, one has moved from Cinema to Picture to Film, and then to Movie at various points. Similarly, surfing the newspapers online turns taxing because the edit-page has various names like Views, Opinion, Editorials, Columnists, Blogs, etc.

The stock markets, by contrast, have standardized the nomenclature of complex instruments to facilitate trading on global platforms. This uniformity has crystallized out of sheer necessity despite the fact that the very concept of market is almost a synonym for choice. The two-party system, likewise, is also considered by many as an advancement over the multi-party chaos.

Limited human capability and life span forces most people to cling to a tiny range of the available diversity. This entails widespread marginalization and ghettoisation. The same is also true for technology as well as entertainment where sophistication often comes wrapped with deception or perversion. The mainstream media is now a glad accomplice in the game having abdicated its role at scrutiny and calibration.

The evolutionary imperative of Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony, in this context is not easy to perceive and pursue. Nonetheless, the primacy of unity, in spite of its hegemonic apprehensions, is an ideal worth striving for. A wide imagination has the power to transform the puny circumstantial boundedness of an individual. This would mean, paradoxically, a shrinkage in the realm of languages, religions, and nationalities. [TNM]  

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