Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Savitri Eran sabre rattling

[Christianity and its others from The Immanent Frame by Peter van der Veer
In South, South-East, and East Asia, we find extraordinary competition between different religious movements: Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, and others. Also, within these religions this competition is intense—for example, between Shi’as and Sunnis, or between Protestants and Catholics. Since Christian missions were the first modern endeavors of their type in the world, many of their tactics and strategies have provided models for other religious movements. Education, health care, and social welfare are the fields in which these movements are competing with each other, often without much presence of the state. In refugee camps in Asia, one finds also a heated competition for the souls of the displaced. 12:54 PM]

Savitri Era Religion too will not shy away from conflict and the current imbroglio presents an extraordinary opportunity to hone our skills in sabre rattling and polemics. [TNM]

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