Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sri Aurobindo votes for the Veda

[I have never been –nor I plan to be—a practicing Buddhist or a ‘believer’ of any sort, but the encounter with Nāgārjuna’s philosophy was probably the most exciting intellectual encounter of my career - Fabio Gironi - Notes on Co-dependent Origination ~ by Fabio Cunctator on September 30, 2010.]

[I am reading day and night in Sri Aurobindo “Synthesis of Yoga” – it's the greatest reading and transforming adventure I embarked so far in my life – it's pure bliss and rapture, almost every single page of his works. ... Alive & Awake… » The beauty of surrendering to the Divine - 12:10 PM]

[in all those years I didn’t came across something so entirely captivating and consuming my entire being like it is to me right now the study of Sri Aurobindo and his works. To meet this kind of wisdom feels like meeting for the first time in my life the Master Teachings in its purest form and efflorescence Sri Aurobindo Studies September 30, 2010]

The Veda vs. the Buddha war is no longer one sided. Sri Aurobindo votes for the Veda and turns the tables. [TNM] 

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