Friday, March 18, 2011

The confusion that is India

Major languages in India are powerful anchors of sub-nationalism. No meaningful co-operation between various States has occurred due to this basic difference. Religion, geography, and caste are other contributing factors subverting the national identity. The tension between tradition and modernity remains a perplexing affair for people of all ages. Increasing secularization of life and society robs the cushion of mythological beliefs and metaphysical assurances. Exposure to overseas customs and practices triggers drastic lifestyle overhauls. The flux is accentuated through easy communication channels and sundry gadgets. Travel and trans-national jobs are also transforming the text-book definitions of nationalism and patriotism.

India in such a scenario is perhaps the most confused nation. On the top of it, the political power wrests with a foreign-born woman. English language and Western manners carry a premium and the cream of society across the country firmly follow the colonial legacy. Paradoxically, this influential elite that dominate the media and the academy claim to be the close friends of the marginalized. Motivated sociological doctrines coupled with highly distorted history books have taken their toll. To sum up, people of India are yet to understand their own nation. [TNM]

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  1. Confused, yes we are after 2k our thinking brain has taken back seat. Whatever feild or situation we are in we are not thinking nor are taking any pause from the rat race like life. We cannot beleive that a great poet or a great painter or a great novelist exists within us. We are going away from our culture. One simple request to everyone just start enjoying all the Indian festivals we know and see the difference. Happy Holi. We have the quality to accept other cultures only because of our PSYCHOLGICAL RICHNESS not because of any weakness. Whenever I ask myself am I progressing/ developing something comes from the inner self. Thanx Mohapatraji you always wake up me from my sleep.