Friday, March 25, 2011

Savitri Era Party is against anti-market rhetoric

Baba Ramdev has been probably most successful of God men of recent times...
The current times have been the one where the politics has been wearing the clothes of religious identity. Baba is going one step ahead. He is trying to ride on two horses, the one of spirituality-religion and the other of entrepreneur-politician, at the same time. His association with those who have done politics by abusing religious identity, the communalists, is very clear. That may be the reason as to why he is creating hysteria around corruption by one political party rather than against corruption as a phenomenon related to our socio-political structure. ]

Rajiv Dikshit claims that the manifesto of 

Bharat Svabhiman is a reaffirmation of the nationalist exhortations of Sri Aurobindo published in the Bande Mataram. However, Savitri Era Party is against the hawkish anti-market rhetoric parroted by Dikshit. [TNM]

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