Friday, June 17, 2011

Fundamentalism in Hazare's campaign

[An Outbreak of Fundamentalism? Characteristics of the Fundamentalist (Richard T. Antoun, Martin E. Marty, Judith Nagata and others):
Rejection of complexity, Demand for doctrinal purity, Feelings of being threatened, Control of information, Exclusivism, Opposition to discussion, Abusive language, Rousing the masses, Atmosphere of violence, Demonizing the enemy, & Heroic role in a great cosmic drama]

Traces of fundamentalist features are creeping into the campaign led by Anna Hazare. A public stand becomes a prestige issue and stoutly defending it leads to fundamentalism. Dialogue and debate, therefore, are hallmarks of a vibrant public sphere. Priorities before the nation must be assessed keeping its long-term interests and global standing in mind. Constitutional issues are best resolved within the Committee rooms and not by brandishing brooms. [TNM]     

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