Saturday, June 18, 2011

What is Enlightenment? & What is to be Done?

[re: Heidegger Kitsch from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek (Graham Harman) By now most people are familiar with the concept of Heidegger Kitsch: the aping of Heidegger’s verbal mannerisms without the soul of the thing being there. …
It’s one of the reasons I think a time is ripe for a return not to “minor” but to the “major” thinkers with whom Deleuze doesn’t do enough: Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, Leibniz]

Harman’s scalpel moves with precision to lay bare the myths of Western Philosophy. But the question, What is Enlightenment? is yet to be answered satisfactorily. Sri Aurobindo is the missing link of the Continental-Analytic disconnect. He also holds the key to the Continuum-Discrete conundrum.

Thus, the next important question is, What is to be Done? Delinking philosophy from geography looks like the best remedy. The colonial hangover of treating India as untouchable must go. If Western Philosophy wishes to rescue itself from the present moribund state, then it must engage with Sri Aurobindo. Make no mistake about it, Nanyah pantha vidyate ayanaya (No other path exists at the moment). [TNM55] 

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