Friday, July 15, 2011

Mistrust permeates the Ashram fraternity

We hope that all the Savitri drafts, particularly in Sri Aurobindo’s hand, are absolutely safe. We also hope that there is no tampering done with them. ~ RYD]

Subhas insists that everything is hunky-dory in the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry while we suspect hanky-panky. The comment above is testimony to the mistrust that permeates the Ashram fraternity and how those at the helms have abdicated all obligations of accountability and transparency. “Dignified silence” is proving to be the antithesis of “the universal laws of decent behaviour.”

We can ill afford, at this juncture, to leave things to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and sit tight. Now is the time for unified collective action and mobilizing public opinion. [TNM55] 

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  1. Dear Tusarji,

    The myths created by people such as Anurag Banerjee and RY Deshpande, are quite clearly designed to breed mistrust among members of the SA Ashram fraternity.

    The myth of the Hindi poem that Anurag Banerjee claimed was authored by Sri Aurobindo was removed from his Overman Foundation blog shortly after he found that he had no other way to wriggle out of his goof up. Instead of answering some of the pertinent questions that were being asked to him by people like myself, he chose the convenient way of trying to wipe out his goof-up from cyber space by elimiting his post, as if it never existed. Unfortunately for him, the damage was already done to his reputation as news has spread irreversably on the internet.

    RY Deshpande also appears to be another creator of myths. His favorite myth appears to be that Sri Aurobindo's poem the Savitri is being tampered by the SA Ashram.

    However, like Anurag Banerjee he makes the same fatal blunder of believing that the larger SA Ashram fraternity will value more the words of a few ambitious, self-promoting and disgruntled individuals rather than relying on a reputed institution such as the SA Ashram.

    That you promote the view points of people like Anurag Banerjee and RY Deshpande says much about your intentions.

    The only pity is that all of you find it convenient to soil the names such as that of Sri Aurobindo and the Savitri in your petty, ambitious endeavours of self-promotion.