Saturday, July 16, 2011

Smith’s butcher is no longer a lone agent of pastoral vintage

One of the basic rules of investment is: Let your money work for you. Thus Adam Smith’s the butcher, the brewer, & the baker are no longer lone agents of pastoral vintage but rather are multiple actors representing various asset classes of their diversified portfolios. This has contributed immensely to the complexity of modern economy as the normal human sentiments like greed and fear are not the predominant drivers.

Voluntary simplicity, similarly, exerts an unusual influence upon the life of a nation when practiced on a large scale. Thanks to our modern religious teachers, austerity per se has ceased to be seen as a virtue. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's unequivocal stand on money and economy is a distinct manifesto for the future world to follow. Savitri Era Party endeavours to disabuse people of discredited economic ideas. [TNM55] 

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