Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wrestling with a ghost is a bewildering proposition

Sri Aurobindo has liberally used imaginary dialogues in prose as well as poetry in his inimitable style.  Sri Aurobindo: A Dream Dialogue with Children by Nirodbaran & Freedom and Future—an Imaginary Dialogue with Sri Aurobindo by Daniel Albuquerque come to the mind in this context.

Wrestling with a ghost is a bewildering proposition and Subhas’ invitation for spinning imaginary dialogues with an imaginary character is undoubtedly an unenviable situation. At any rate, it is gratifying to learn that our quantum of muck is woefully insufficient to move the mandarins and hence we multiply our decibel level. [TNM] 

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  1. Dear Tusar-ji,

    LOL!!! It's amusing to see how you see ghosts where there are none. Because my dialogues are REAL. My tortuous questions are equally REAL. The only thing that is left to your imagination is my identity.

    But if all that you are capable of is to "multiply [y]our decibel level", with the hope of scaring the ghosts of your imagination away, you may want to consider the good ol' saying that "empty vessels make most noise."