Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sri Aurobindo surpasses everyone

The role of time in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and yoga is very crucial. Evolution, obviously, is hitched to time; and in yoga too we hear him telling oftentimes, "He is not yet ready" or something similar. This highlights his reliance on the future time as a remedy for the present woes. Such a teleological blueprint, however, fails the test of critical reason.

The best way to benefit from his philosophy, therefore, is to undertake a comparison with the major figures of Western thought. S.K. Maitra's pioneering studies are an indispensable guide in this respect. But they don't cover Phenomenology and subsequent streams. Husserl and Heidegger, however, can be accessed through J.N. Mohanty and J.L. Mehta respectively. But for the rest, no dependable specialist is in sight.

As far as a wholesome ontology is concerned, Sri Aurobindo surpasses everyone. So, as more and more attention is diverted towards India - NYT has a India blog now and Amazon is all set to set shop - his works will top the charts on sheer merit. More capable brains than has happened till now will ruthlessly dissect his utterances only to drop at their knees before him ultimately.

Encountering this prospect is not too far fetched. Blogosphere is agog with sophisticated debate at present as to the nature of reality. Sri Aurobindo has an eminent role in this with something prominent to say. The breakthrough can come at any time, and what was initiated by Wilber can reach it's logical end. Are we ready? [ TNM55]

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