Sunday, September 11, 2011

World Union hopes post-9/11

Memory of this (blood) red letter day will, undeniably and justifiably, linger throughout the century. More so, because of the ideological and theoretical churning that unleashed in its wake. Enlightenment ideals were perceived to be jeopardised by the Clash and End of History crashed back to square one. But what are the lessons after a decade?

Psychologically, mankind has not moved even an inch. Political, economic, and religious divisions have hardened further and disparities have widened. Falsehood relating to securities and investments are being traded with impunity. Currency manipulation is rampant and reverting to gold standard is being resisted. Overall, a sort of jungle law is being enforced by the dominant players. This, paradoxically, under the watchful eyes of thousands of analysts and professionals.

Free markets is a great idea, but local prosperity was ostensibly treated as one. In the face of challenges now, new modalities of protectionism are being promulgated.

An artificial geographical barrier in the domain of philosophy enforced by the universities, similarly, has caused immense harm. Instead of striving for integration of ideas, an unsavoury caste system persists to the detriment of global peace and harmony. Ironically, never anyone raises a voice in this regard.

Human unity, veritably, is a distant dream today, but the words of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo endow us with enormous hope. We own nothing sans aspiration, and lo, it's the hour of the unexpected. [TNM55]

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