Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wart eaters

All his life, Sri Aurobindo fought against the "illusion of the obvious" and sought to dislodge the positivist preponderance by ushering in the "logic of the Infinite." Spirituality, essentially, signifies this; and along with The Mother, he embodied this truth, thus crafting a miraculous integration of the temporal with the eternal. In heralding his pioneering role in the evolutionary ladder, his consistency and firmness is remarkable. Never before, we meet anyone else daring to shoulder the burden of the world in such a forthright manner. Both in theory and practice - and, also in visionary faculty- his verifiable contributions are incomparable and unparalleled. He is, verily, the epitome of earthly perfection.

If we have an unacademic at the other end out to survey the Himalayan range and height of this great Master with a tiny telescope, armed with unadulterated irreverence and quiverful of hubris, he, not surprisingly, will see only warts instead of the peaks. His slavish courtiers would cheer him up with roars of Eureka every time he discovers a new fault in the Master. Peer-reviewed academic journals and University Presses, then, make a beeline to grab his invaluable Sokal-esque output. Perfoming such a miracle, understandably, surpasses the Slumdog Millionaire narrative. [TNM55]

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