Thursday, October 06, 2011

The write choice

The Mother's arrival in Puducherry to meet Sri Aurobindo and consequent establishment of the Ashram subsequently are momentous events of modern history. Their views on diverse subjects and the path they have hewed jointly are a beacon of light amidst the chaos of competing opinions. Many complain of difficulty in understanding their writings, not unjustifiably and unavailability of their books widely is another bottleneck. As a result, the speciality as well as uniqueness of their thought continues to be under-appreciated.

The Ashram ecosystem has produced a large number of quality scholars and communicators but mostly devoid of necessary academic credentials. Commentaries with a critical rigour are a rarity therefore and not many are trained in the craft of writing adequately. Picking up a topic and accumulating arguments for and against it by bouncing the same against diverse contexts necessitates depth as well as wideness in approach. Although, not many are regular in our online forums, the sheer shallowness of participants saying a mere Thank You (by consuming precious URL bandwidth) is surely nauseating.

It is a lazy supposition that those who have the call will turn to the Masters automatically. Writing with a focus on contemporary relevance will always be a challenge, and more so, as we have something infinitely significant to offer to people around us. [TNM55]

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