Saturday, October 22, 2011

Money and how many

[“Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust does not approve and has nothing to do with the book entitled "The Lives of Sri Aurobindo" written by Peter Heehs and Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust is not in any way responsible for the contents or the interpretations of the material contained therein....”]

Last year, Ashram notified its disapproval of the book, but didn't clarify regarding the royalties. It must have earned substantial amount during the last three years, and our curiosity is especially for the reason that it can be an indicator of the sales figure. It can give us a sense of how far the targeted readership has actually responded to Heehs' bait and rewarded him. An impressive number can also offset much of the opposition that he encountered at home. It would be nice if someone can make this information public. [TNM55]

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