Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quota & conditionalities

Situating Sri Aurobindo's philosophical interventions in the current scenario can seem far-fetched, or even, utopian, but since it tantamount to simultaneous practice as well, the sense of participation, collaboration, and progress constitutes an enormously satisfying experience. In fact, in The Life Divine, he accomplishes a subtle shift by privileging the Sat-Chit-Ananda version of the Supreme instead of the prevailing Advaita abstraction, suffusing thereby our subjectivity as well as agency with sacred intentionality. Evolution, then, seen in this perspective, might look as absurd, but the unerring vision of the Mahayogi focuses upon the modern editions of the Vritra of Vedic vintage.

Evolution, subsuming the much maligned history, therefore, basically means to overcome. The Sacred will playing it out by negotiating manifold difficulties and possibilities is not merely a play or a sport, but rather an intense endeavour at creating potent prototypes for furthering the future course. The dynamics and economy of Infinite energy subjecting to accountability and sustainability conditionalities is surely a reality especially when seen hinged to the third, Ananda the Vedic counterpart of which is Bhaga symbolising share, or quota.

Being the Supreme is no joke, therefore, and you need all the theories as well as theologies, and a bunch of clowns too, to howl from time to time about and against you. [TNM55]

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