Thursday, October 13, 2011

Future Savitri

[Considering all these factors I will go for the 1951-version which has the finality of revisions by the author himself. - RYD]

Personally, RYD is entitled to his own choice and opinion (like, everyone has his version of JLB), but the question is what will be his verdict as the Chairman of a Committee (like, the Standing Committee) on Savitri. He has to take into consideration the views of various quarters (including even the adversaries) and give audience to the most reticent. Drawing out the feelings of the unwilling, the unassuming, and the withdrawn will be an equally challenging task. We must move, as it were, the heaven and the earth, for we are dealing with Savitri, the Savitri for the future - for the following aeons - and any chink left at this juncture can prove too costly.

FIRST edition is the easiest option, but the complications don't vanish, nor are they all irrelevant. Further, none can rob the validity of SABCL edition on account of The Mother's presence. The CWSA edition, similarly, has its own authenticity and admirers. Fortunately for us, all these are products of a pre-cyber era, and this very fact offers us a wealth of opportunity.

Open or not, a site must have all resources relating to Savitri, and let people study and be aware of the complexities involved. A fresh edition will arise from this collective effort, and there is nothing to hurry or worry. This proposal is sure to infuriate those hardliners further who are sentimental about Savitri as mantra. But the CWSA edition, for all practical purposes, is the point of departure as of now and to stick to this much of common sense can save us from much rancour and recrimination. [TNM55]

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