Friday, October 21, 2011

Great gospel for the resurgence of India

[The Political Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo by V. P. Varma - 1990 - Philosophy - 494 pages
Aurobindo conceived of nationalism as a pure Sattvic religion and hence he stressed the … By his emphasis on the inward sources of national strength he has provided a great gospel for the resurgence of India.]

Hazare highlights the village level hub of governance and Sri Aurobindo's laudatory references to local administration in ancient India need not be seen as endorsement of the same. Present day solutions can't be imported from the past save the shining values that flow from the Vedic enshrinements. Sri Aurobindo looked upon Sattwa as the bedrock of an ideal society.

His delineation of it (17.296) can be interpreted as encapsulating the four limbs of sagehood contained in a seminal line of the Gita (anapeksha ... 12.16). Thus, Selfless sympathy, a Calm self-possessing peacefulness, Disinterested enlightenment and Dispassionate wisdom are essential characteristics of a good citizenship. Nothing less can save us from the all pervading corruption. [TNM55]

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