Sunday, October 16, 2011

Safety in plurality

Seems to be an admirable project as you imply but given the fact that most academicians are Marxists, I have my own doubts. Although, they are interrogating Religion for a couple of decades now, their safety is in plurality. Multiculturalism is their mantra and diversity, the watchword. The project, in fact, encourages discovery of new faiths and codification of their practices so that religions grow in number and apply a check upon each other. The scholar, when delves into so many religions as a dispassionate observer, tends to turn a sceptic or areligious. University Departments of Comparative Religion regularly churn out such breed of students.

If someone, conversely, concentrates upon one/own Religion, then he is branded as a fundamentalist. They also prop up people of minority religions as models of inter-faith dialogue and communal amity. All these, indisputably, have their brighter side but the ulterior motive often makes them suspect. The way Sri Aurobindo's philosophy has been sidelined by them, for instance, exposes their true colours. [TNM55]

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