Thursday, April 05, 2012

10 more Žižeks

[a sign of second-rate philosophy from Object-Oriented Philosophy by doctorzamalek (Graham Harman) - I’m just saying, it seems a bit absurd to use the question of someone’s belief or disbelief in God as one of the chef pillars of your judgment about that person’s intellectual caliber... If we had 10 more Žižeks it would be one of the most golden of golden ages. the revised details on Žižek’s Hegel book]

Calibration of caliber is unequivocally cumbersome and nothing definite can be said about that. But, since one’s ontological inclination drives the intellectual trajectory, more empirical reliance can be put on it. It’s surely not easy to abolish bias and so long as the basic armature – howsoever pliable – persists, accepting a fresh shape of things faces resistance. Moreover, when social or professional benefits accrue from such ideas picked up from religion and culture, more inducement ensue for sticking to them.  

If the West is still at the level of Žižek or Meillassoux, we in India must consider ourselves fortunate in having Sri Aurobindo. His firm intervention amidst the wasteland of intellectual structures and deconstructions saves one from many quixotic expeditions and sokalesque bravadoes. His sweeping canvas encompassing the individual, the universal, and the transcendent presents such an integral picture that most of the normal metaphysical contradictions melt before it. Further, the teleological scheme accords value to human life and endeavour, thus bridging the chasm between cosmology and politics. [TNM55]        

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