Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reconquer money and riches

The writings and recorded conversations of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, taken as a whole, contain myriad themes and innumerable streams. They have been further expanded by the devotees and disciples in their books and articles and now, of course, the blogs. That apart, lectures are a major source of dissemination from which most learn in snippets and formulate a picture depending upon personal necessity and curiosity. No one complains even if Sri Aurobindo’s whole body of work has not been published till date.

The specialist, however, is a different creature. Especially, if he happens to be an archivist. And he assumes himself to be the Archivist. He knows all; he has gone through the obscurest manuscripts. The timeline of each line is at his fingertips. He is the walking pendrive. He can blurt out apposite quotations to thwart any adverse suggestion. His writ should be final. But the world is a bit larger and complicated.

What Prapatti spoke over three days in Sargipali summer camp in 1979 is beyond the purview of the Archives. What Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee exhorted about World Union in Sundargarh is not known to any one. They are no more. Countless such speeches that continue round the year are an unruly zone. Scribes and chroniclers beware! [TNM55]    

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  1. to record and preserve anything of any one is not an uncommon is not even has become a trend and can not be avoided or be stopped.if a second party seeks any document,record etc from the first party ,then he will have to request he can not demand or give a caution to beware if it does not violate the intllectual property act.there is no guarantee that the second party or the person belongs to the so called ruly zone will not misuse them.take for instance:the great ashramite mr.satprem took away the recordings with him and the other one mr. peter heehs misused the ashram archives.
    so,the solution is:-every supporter and devotee of the mother and sri aurobindo should try to avoid this unruly zone and should suo motto send a copy to the puducherry ashram,if he has something recorded or in written.the ashram should again and again appeal for this to all devotees and supporters.the ashram should also propagate the exact address of the actual receiver(the department or person on behalf of the ashram) more and more.otherwise the contributor will be ultimately the looser one.