Friday, April 13, 2012

Safety of Sri Aurobindian anchorage

Europeans and Americans began to go to liberated South Asia in droves in the 1960′s to study these traditions firsthand. And in the process, many discovered the sheer variety of traditions, for none of those described above ever fully went away, there were always living fossils of previous forms. In a land of 800 languages, and over 800 million people, and a thriving oral tradition to this day which operates in tandem to written print culture, it is unlikely that it would be otherwise.
But it is only in the last forty years or so that the true diversity of Indic thought is being explored. And this is hardly surprising, since so much Euro-American scholarship is still influenced strongly by the legacies of colonialism, from the work of early “orientalist” scholars to the often radically oversimplifying romanticizing western acolytes of the 1960′s.]

No one can delve into this diverse narrative during his lifetime, and hence, the safe course is to specialize in its essence as distilled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. One may take up the intellectual route in the beginning, but if it is not transformed into the religious or the devotional over a period of time, then much of what they say or choose to convey concurrently will be missing. Besides, they have also stated that study of their works constitutes a living collaboration with the ongoing evolution of the earth. Thus, it’s a choice between going back to the old contradictions and participating in molding the future. [TNM55] 

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