Saturday, June 16, 2012

2014 contest is between Mamata and Modi.

Tweets 49m Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - @malviyamit The 2014 contest is between Mamata and Modi. Better to forget about shibboleths. [TNM55]  View conversation
1h - @vishchan @visaraj Mamata wanted Pranab to be PM and Manmohan dispatched upstairs. Under Kalam's pretext she steps out to contest as next PM  View conversation
19h [Gopi @gopimaliwal - @visaraj Exactly. I respect her a lot~ Retweeted by Savitri Era Party -  View conversation]
1h [Analytic political philosophy maps the structure and mechanisms of power so it can intervene and change circumstances]
15h [Pragmatix @RisingIndiawins My only fear is that Pranab may become India's first executive President just in case political instability allows him to play that role. Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
20h [Gopi @gopimaliwal If BJP cut a deal with Cong, it is goodbye BJP for me at least! Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
19h Pranab Mukherjee is the seniormost statesman of the world. Should we greet him with the title The Brain Of India! [TNM]
19h Reaching airport along with 3 ministerial colleagues to receive Ramdev is perhaps the most demeaning event in Pranab's long public life. TNM
14 Jun May Sam Pitroda crawl back tomorrow. The PCO man who made India what it is today and a perfect match against Kalaam. (Posted from my iPhone)  View location
14 Jun With needless belligerence, Mamata Banerjee waxed eloquence about pacts and commitments, but forgot about the NDA Inn days.  View location
14 Jun @SORBONNE75 The 3 names suggested by M&M are nothing but a Hobson's choice indicating MMS.   View location
14 Jun @SORBONNE75 That might happen ultimately. Let's wait.   View location
14 Jun @SORBONNE75 Congress has no fears as long as RSS exists. The latter is such a repellent that allies will perforce gravitate towards Congress   View location
14 Jun India must elect a new person as President (and VP) every 5 years. No second term for anyone. Strange that some are so slavish about repeat.  View location
14 Jun [New Lamps for Old — August 7, 1893: If the blind lead the blind, shall they not both fall into a ditch? Sri Aurobindo]
14 Jun A Bengali President won't look good if Mamata Banerjee emerges the compromise candidate as PM.
14 Jun [Raj @chennaikaran The coconut courier service in Odisha that works on faith and trust. Deserves a case study like Mumbai Dabbawalas. Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
14 JunSavitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty Two months of swimming in Twitter stream, Enriching experience much rewarding. Sweet and sour the froth trolls spawn, As urchins at moving train throwing stone.
14 Jun Instead of bringing a No-Confidence motion against Manmohan Singh within the Parliament, Mulayam and Mamata brought it outside. Anna effect.
14 Jun Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - @m_vijayakumar SEP favours Manoj Das, writer and philosopher as President.   View location
12 Jun [Vivek Sengupta @vsengupta Tweeting is "about as impactful as firing a mortar into the Milky Way galaxy", writes Tom Friedman Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
13 Jun @Mihirkumarjha Yes and Education Advisor with Gujarat Govt. at present.   View location 13 Jun @Mihirkumarjha Many thanks for the support. 13 Jun Three more names for President: 1. Manoj Das, 2. Dr. Karan Singh, and 3. Kireet Joshi. [TNM55]  View location
13 Jun @thinkerspad The job profile doesn't merit the money involved. Best, the Pro-tem Speaker is promoted as President.   View location
13 Jun @Mrityunjoykjha You mean, Rahul Gandhi? And Priyanka as PM?   View location
13 Jun @_R_Srikanth But all are happy with the UP CM, and his wife.   View location
13 Jun @_R_Srikanth That's how democracy functions. Will have to wait till the elections.  View conversation
13 Jun @centerofright They are playing along actually.  View conversation
13 Jun @offstumped His tenure as President is more than the residual period as PM. So he gains in fact.  View conversation
13 Jun [Derrida's Deconstruction is most devious. Since philosophy is written in language, what we’re really doing is talking about language.Chris]
13 Jun [In Kant, metaphysical truths had become nothing more than those phantoms of the brain vouchsafed by the concepts of pure reason.Ted Sadler]
13 Jun [Explained Sri Aurobindo, this four-fold order formed the religious, social, political and economic framework of the society. V Indira Devi]
12 Jun [Saraswathi Mukkai @saraswathi These were the lines from Canto 1 of Sri Aurobindo's Savitri. The poem begins with the day when Satyavan must die.
Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
12 Jun [Jitendra Sharma @aurofrance Savitri Era Devotees: REVIEW OF “CONCEPT OF MAN IN SRI AUROBINDO’S POETR... Retweeted by Savitri Era Party
13 Jun [Humanity's Team @Humanitys_Team "The earliest formula of Wisdom promises to be its last, - God, Light, Freedom, Immortality." Sri Aurobindo Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
13 Jun [santosh krinsky @santoshk1 Sri Aurobindo.easier to uplift /enlighten individual than social mass of humanity that is more subject to obscure & darker forces' influence. Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
13 Jun [Gopi @gopimaliwal Today, LKA talking abt books in his blog; one of disc is "Taking Your Life from Ambition to Meaning” by Wayne Dyer. Co-incidence? Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
13 Jun [Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga is different because it seeks through the descent of Shakti rather than the ascent of Kundalini.] -  View media

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