Sunday, June 03, 2012

RSS ensures Sonia rules

Tweets [2h Suryanarayan Ganesh @gsurya NaMotards on twitter silent after Advani, Rajnath, BJP & RSS mouthpieces all lambasting @narendramodi :p Nazi #India dreams lie in ruins. Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
10h Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty The poor percentage of votes polled by BJP in the last UP Assembly elections is a pointer. Mostly the same is the case barring a few states.  View location
11h RSS is a big hindrance in the way of a pan-Indian, democratically-run political party taking shape. Golwalkar's political foray is a failure
11h Hindus are there in all parties who contribute to Indian culture. No reason why all of them should be in one political party blessed by RSS.
11h Privileging BJP is anomalous. Chasing the chimera of Hindu unity should stop by recognising multiple political fissures obtaining in India.
11h Shadowy presence of RSS in Indian politics ensures that Sonia Gandhi rules the country as secular forces rally behind her. What a paradox?
20h @TheSyal @mphholdings @ahmad_shakeel There is a sizeable population that detest RSS & the Dynasty. No national party, State parties survive.
21h [Nolini Kanta Gupta was a revolutionary, linguist, scholar, critic, poet, philosopher, Trustee of Sri Aurobindo Ashram] -  View media
21h @Team_CRI [Bourgeoisie and Samurai, Claude Arpi, The Pioneer August 4, 2005 After Mr LK Advani's remarks on MA Jinnah.] -  View conversation
21h @mphholdings @ahmad_shakeel @thesyal NDA can't defeat UPA. Advani should exit from RSS shadow and be a JP to provide a national alternative.  View conversation
21h [Sri Aurobindo is of iconic status in subcontinent and world history. He coins a dictionary for his own Record of Yoga]
22h [Seven distinctive features of Indian secularism -Rajeev Bhargava and Ten shades -Abhishek Tondon]
22h [Shed individualist bias and learn to make a distinction between ‘communitarian’ and ‘communal’ -Rajeev Bhargava, CSDS]
23h [Unstated assumption of the anti-corruption discourse is that corruption is some external disease or virus. -G Sampath]
23h [Critical examination of Golwalkar's thought and his legacy of Indianness: MRINAL MIRI, Hindu Book Review Apr 24, 2007]
23h [The time was towards the end of 1907 & the beginning of 1908. It fell to my lot to carry the bomb. Nolini Kanta Gupta]
1 Jun Let's demand conformity to systems and procedures that are fair and transparent as our basic democratic rights from all players of politics.  View location
1 Jun Electing the leader and functionaries through a well laid out system of primaries by truly reflecting the people's choice is most needed now
1 Jun RSS and the Dynasty are two pernicious historical accidents that linger freeing the nation from the stranglehold of which is a priority.
1 Jun It's not the question of who becomes the PM candidate, but building a party that's free from the saas-bahu syndrome and values transparency.
1 Jun Instead of forcing a vertical split in the BJP, Advani and his entourage should rejoin Janata Party/JD(U) so that history comes full circle.
1 Jun [“@IndianEditorial: TGI: From revolutionary to yogi: The Lives of Sri Aurobindo By Peter Heehs, Columbia, $55”] Good read
1 Jun [santosh krinsky @santoshk1 Sri Aurobindo. 1st 2 standards (personal need & desire & good of collectivity) "constitute the law of his animal & vital existence" Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
1 Jun [Bhaskar Chatterjee @BhaskarChat Its a small book, hardly 100 pages. It traced origin of Sangh ideology from Tilak/Aurobindo/Lajpat/Pal etc. @sandeepbapat Retweeted by Savitri Era Party -  View conversation]
1 Jun RSS and the Dynasty want Indians to stay in a perpetual state of adolescence. But rebellion is in the air with far-reaching consequences.
1 Jun Wanted: Links to all Edit-page/OpEd articles of major English daily newspapers in India at one place that is updated on daily basis. [TNM55]
1 Jun [Gandhi: A Sublime Failure By S.S. Gill (Rupa) Review by Renuka Narayanan THE INDIAN EXPRESS Flair, September 23, 2001] 
1 Jun [Sri Aurobindo was a poet, journalist, political campaigner, revolutionary, seer and philosopher. Rudrangshu Mukherjee]
31 May @PrabhuChawla Red letter day in the political history of India. Advani has uttered what is true and the repercussions are enormous. [TNM55]   View location
31 May @adamkotsko Bush and Rice are remembered in India for the groundbreaking Indo-US nuclear deal.  View conversation
31 May As Hinduism is wedded to countless mythological texts, a safe distance is most suitable for the Savitri Erans. [TNM55]
30 May The notion of Fourth Estate has gone haywire. Integration of TV debates with Parliamentary procedure and adequate power-sharing is a must.  View location
30 May Hindutva brigade represent and propagate the worst kind of pre-modern thinking. We must steer clear of their ideology.
30 May @arjunrammeghwal Congratulations for being No. 1  View location
30 May The master creator is also a slave of his own whims and rules, loves to walk blindfolded and falter and stumble. TNM
30 May General Election, as originally conceived in the Constitution, is forgotten today. It needs to be restored to grow genuine national spirit.  View location
29 May @MihirKumarJha The facts are well documented, but to arrive at a particular conclusion is difficult as Matrimandir has already been built.  View conversation
29 May @gsurya We should rather be proud that Bollywood survives and has masterpieces in its back-list.  View conversation
29 May @MihirKumarJha Now everyone claims that he or she was the closest. No means to verify that. As regards knowledge, it's in the public domain.  View conversation
29 May @MihirKumarJha A foreigner-writer, she loves to fancy herself as the spiritual heir of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Deals with Astrology.  View conversation
29 May Heehs wants to own Sri Aurobindo Ashram as a research-hub and Thea is keen to own their legacy as "Third." Deep-rooted conspiracy at work.

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