Tuesday, June 05, 2012

You are parasitical on what you oppose

Tweets [3 Jun santosh krinsky @santoshk1 Sri Aurobindo. initially man's desire to meet physical & vital demands only balanced by demands of his society, family, tribe, community. Retweeted by Savitri Era Party]
3 Jun Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty @prasannavishy As Chairman of the BJP Parliamentary Party, Advani is the top-most leader of the party by definition. But widespread amnesia. View location
3 Jun @vinod_sharma Don't wish him away. Zeitgeist has a lot to achieve through this long distance race horse viz., L.K. Advani. View location
3 Jun @I_rkmishra Not Anna, but Advani might fulfil his historical role by stepping into JP's shoes. With his blog post he has taken the 1st step. View location
3 Jun @kaushikcbasu No scope for such fears. More voluminous and stirring tracts of philosophy are being churned out by the likes of Graham Harman. View location
3 Jun @waglenikhil Advani is the most suitable person at the moment to lead - not a movement but a coalition of political parties if he leaves BJP. View location
3 Jun @prasannavishy @doubtinggaurav Neither BJP nor RSS need Advani. By coming out and lead like JP he can nullify the wounds that he has wrought. View location
3 Jun [Meillassoux on Mallarmé: The Number and the Siren is a riveting read... you’ll encounter a spectacular reading of Mallarmé. -Graham Harman]
3 Jun [Everyone’s a critic. Everyone’s detached. Everyone opposes. But then you are merely parasitical on that which you oppose. -Graham Harman]
3 Jun [Welsh is very close to Sanskrit: Matter, myth, and spirit: or Keltic and Hindu links. Dorothea Chaplin IYSATM by mike] http://auromere.wordpress.com/books/sanskrit/#comment-11252 - View media
3 Jun [History has proved that Sri Aurobindo was right on the Japanese intent to occupy and control India. IYSATM by Sandeep] http://auromere.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/subhas-chandra-bose-on-sri-aurobindo/#comment-11298 - View media
3 Jun @KanchanGupta FIVE DREAMS Manifesto heralded by Sri Aurobindo on Aug 14, 1947 over All India Radio, Tiruchirapalli should guide the nation. View conversation

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