Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A democracy less noisy

The recent political churning in India has proved beyond doubt that despite operational loopholes and shortcomings, a widespread longing for designing a better society grips the youth overwhelmingly. The spirit of sacrifice and selflessness exhibited by countless volunteers is a reminder that the quest for perfection and evolution is on. Sri Aurobindo's vision of the Life Divine, in this context, appears increasingly relevant howsoever far the present situation may be from it. A quiet and firm sense of certitude in its advent on our part is what is wanted especially in view of the Centenary of the book the coming year. Sri Aurobindo's image, unfortunately, has been buried under the popular misconceptions of yoga and meditation but the autonomy of the ontology outlined magisterially in the book The Life Divine must stand on its own. A recent book juxtaposing Sri Aurobindo with Whitehead further enhances the pivotal place The Life Divine occupies in the world of philosophy. It also underscores the receding value of religious notions that linger as superstitions sans any rational justifications.
Thus the fusion of political as well as religious imperatives must be brought into focus for possible acceptance by discerning young minds. The wealth of philosophical training and scientific thinking that Sri Aurobindo brings to the table also needs to be highlighted. The immediate political thrill and pleasures of group dynamics may not be available from the philosophical approach but then the ultimate lesson for democracy is also to be less noisy and showy.

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