Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, poetry, and social theory

Governance and development torment our planners and lay man alike in India today. The elite is red faced as to why we are lagging behind and for so long. Earlier, the blame was on conquerors and colonialists but now there is no such alibi. So, obviously, something must be lacking in our national character; more aptitudinal than ethical. One such trait is reluctance to spot value.

The neglect of Sri Aurobindo by educated young Indians proves the point. Pretty intelligent people on Twitter are discussing thousand other things but are unwilling to listen a word about Sri Aurobindo. The preeminent place Sri Aurobindo occupies in philosophy, poetry, and social theory is absolutely forgotten whenever a portrait of the modern India is sought to be presented.

TV coverage is setting norms of value and individual priorities in a predominant manner but Internet has also facilitated reading in a big way. So, why this near absence of appreciation for what can be called the single-most reservoir of social capital? No doubt, absence of utilitarian exploitation by way of career avenues is a huge bottleneck but the reigning impression of the teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo being abstract also acts as a dampener.

A national level Institute offering fellowships and part-time employment for prosecuting socio-cultural research around the works of Sri Aurobindo is a necessity now. That such an initiative should generate in the voluntary sector without any dependence on the Govt. is also important. Future progress of India necessitates Sri Aurobindo's Five Dreams taking practical shape and no lesser casual initiative can claim to outpace it. [TNM55]

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