Saturday, January 16, 2016

Common Sense view must give way to humanity's Common Essence

Common Sense view must give way to humanity's Common Essence approach. Evolution and Development will go hand in hand.
Many are disappointed that the current narrative is not to their liking but that is how Evolution works and forces its agenda upon unwilling.
Aspiration for the Life Divine and assent for working towards a harmonious society should mean best collaboration with the aim of Evolution.
World Union foreseen by Sri Aurobindo in his broadcast on August 14, 1947 forms the right direction of Evolution for which all should work.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have prepared India to be in the forefront and lead the world through their mantra: Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony.
Think beyond AAP, BJP, RSS, and Congress. Sri Aurobindo's thought is essential to ride the waves of Evolution and see resurgence of Nation.
Fundamentalist feelings for own country or religion can be a hindrance in the path of Evolution unless one follows Sri Aurobindo's guidance.
Popular understanding of Advaita, Vedanta or Rituals must undergo critical scrutiny by undertaking a thorough study of Sri Aurobindo's works.
Rejecting Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals is as important as examining Dayananda, Vivekananda, Tagore, Tilak, and Radhakrishnan critically.
By studying the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, one can easily recognise the inadequacies of Vivekananda, Tagore, Tilak, and Gandhi.
Read Dayananda, Vivekananda, and Tagore, but it's Sri Aurobindo who offers comprehensive theories on human Evolution based on Vedic wisdom.
Hindutva ecosystem being so obsequious to Golwalkar or Goel is an insult to the intelligence of young Indians. Surely, they deserve better.
The illusion of Hindu interest or Hindu unity deeply perturbs many well meaning and educated BJP fans. Speaks of their Ontological innocence.
Self-proclaimed patriotism of BJP supporters must be tempered by adequate ethical grounding and political maturity of respecting difference.
BJP supporters seem to be far removed from the idea of citizenship, equal rights, non-interference, freedom of thought, action, & expression.
Task of being aware of the aim of life and endeavour to join adventure of consciousness with Sri Aurobindo is always.
Feeling increasingly vindicated that many diehard supporters of Modi and BJP have started voicing what I have been harping on all through.
"Integral Management" paper presentation plus visiting several lovely locations in the vicinity of Nitte, Karnataka.

Dante, Marsiglio, and Machiavelli are perceived to have given secularism a fillip reinforced later through Feuerbach
[primary requisite for national progress, reform, is the free habit of free and healthy national thought and action]
[do not be always thinking of your defects & wrong movements. Concentrate more upon what you are to be,on the ideal]
[They want an easy life, and only the excitement or the rivalry of a game or a competition awakens enough interest ]
Support for Jallikattu on whatever ground can be construed as an example of Banality of Evil so adroitly brought out by Hannah Arendt.
@Devinder_Sharma @i31p1n @bst_official Competition is the ultimate arbiter, be it BJP or Patanjali. Endorsements are arbitrary and dishonest
@TheJaggi @surajitdasgupta Better to examine the Peter Heehs case, nearer home, who wrote a biography which his fellow inmates are against.
a live case of how culprits enjoy power and protection due to lack of appropriate and timely judicial intervention.
Democracy is a double-edged sword. It offers one boundless opportunity for freedom while some will be always on the prowl to subjugate you.
[Tusar Nath Mohapatra, director, Savitri Era Learning Forum, Ghaziabad, will inaugurate the conference at 10 a.m.]
Conference on ‘Ethics and governance’ - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Shankar Jaganathan, N. Vinaya Hegde, Om Prakash Dani
Nitte: National Conference at the Institute on Dec. 29-30
Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum
[Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony - Peace, Progress, and Pefection]
@PtAmitSharma Understanding Thoughts of Sri Aurobindo
Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo
[he will strive to understand the greatness and profound meaning of the past without attaching himself to its forms]
[Knowledge is the elder sister of Power: Force and Consciousness are twin aspects of being both in the eternal ...]
@knowingk2 Please read the Tales of Prison Life to disabuse yourself of fanciful notions. @jam2579 @sarkar_swati
@knowingk2 I'm concerned with Sri Aurobindo regarding whom you have made some sweeping and misleading remarks. Please substantiate. @jam2579
@knowingk2 You hold that no one can reach a pinnacle or his views are perfect. You also affirm of some authentic template and SA as deviant!
@knowingk2 Each person should be free as to how to approach another or a knowledge source depending upon his/her own situation and evolution
@knowingk2 I was rather more interested to learn about the authentic template against which you're trying to paint Sri Aurobindo as fanciful.
@knowingk2 Human civilisation is a cumulative position of fanciful ideas. Vedic amrita to Egyptian mummy point to yearning for immortality.
@knowingk2 Vedic hymns are ascribed to different Rishis and they are not anonymous.
@knowingk2 You may attempt longer pieces on this somewhere so that it'd be easy to follow your argument and the school of thought you follow.
Role of a bunch of women mediapersons of Bengali origin in opposing Hindutva worldview is admirable despite scant grounding in Sri Aurobindo.
Modi election campaign was modelled on Obama's which is certainly not a highpoint of American Democratic ethos. Manipulating tendency galore.
Young people identify with Arvind Kejriwal just because of his age than anything else. Other parties must take note else no one can stop AAP.
Beards seem to be the new magnetic force for BJP in Odisha. 
Elections to State Assemblies should be so scheduled that there is one every six months otherwise conversation on Twitter becomes dull.
Listening to Vividh Bharati (विविध भारती) of All India Radio at 100.1 FM on Portronics Sublime II. Seems like the hostel days 40 years back!

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