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Mystery is how we may define man

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"In October 1955, Monnet created the Action Committee for the United States of Europe," and I feel happy that I was born in the same month.
Savitri Era: Why a single individual be allowed to rule over 1.3 billion people? #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
Each State of India is a nation and should formulate its own Constitution. Central Govt has been a facilitator the role of which is over now
People in a Democracy should elect a single Govt. The States as sovereign Republics no longer need a Central Govt to oversee them or guide.
People's will, and not intellect, matters in a Democracy. No wonder, supporters of the ruling party see no demerit in whatever the Govt does
Mounting problems of India are a result of its huge size. States as Sovereign nations can handle their respective problems more efficiently.
Poor people don't benefit from the large population of the country. They will be served better by smaller nations constituted by the States.
Dalit issue has become warped due to all India uniformity on Reservations which is sure to get corrected at diverse State level demographics
India is an imposition and confusion that people are suffering for the last seventy years. Time the States break free and Centre abolished.
Creating Sovereign nations out of the States will prevent promulgating Emergency or Demonetisation like harsh measures on a huge population.
Anna Hazare, Kejriwal, Ramdev, and Modi have proved how easily Indians can be taken for a ride. States as free Republics is the best remedy.
@sonaliranade Modi in all likelihood would go for a fresh mandate along with the UP Assembly Election. Otherwise, UP defeat will cripple him
Holders of huge unaccounted cash have been deprived of their funds whereas prior knowledge of Demonetisation has made BJP a prime gainer.
Demonetisation, thus, is the biggest example of insider trading, information asymmetry and lack of level playing field. Day light robbery!
Those who lost money don't matter. Focus should be on who are all that have secured huge cash in advance and what's its effect on Democracy?
Interesting to note Hindutva stalwarts morphing into economic experts! Tragically, economy doesn't proceed like set mythological narratives.
Parliament impasse is symptomatic of its obsolescence. The States must attain sovereignty and fast graduate to managing their own businesses
Constitution of India has outlived its utility. Let the States be free and sovereign to find a life of their own with option of Ferderation.
Don't keep all your eggs in one basket; that's an age-old prescription. Therefore, it's stupidity to stuff 1.3b Indians in one Constitution.
Demonetisation, thankfully, has foregrounded Modernity and universality of human affairs enforcing temporary amnesia of Mythology and Rituals.
Demonetisation is the first major jolt to Hindutva to stir out of intellectual inertia and constantly decrying secular and sociological concerns
Expect drastic reconfiguration of BJP and RSS priorities post-Demonetisation. For economy and intellectual churning, it will be a catalyst.
Hard to say whether Demonetisation will prove to be V.P. Singh's Mandal for Modi, but its Revolutionary and Evolutionary frills are palpable
@greatbong The most serious issue that is critical for survival of Democracy needs to be told with equal seriousness & not couched in humour
Future needn't be defined by past writings or belief; even science doesn't offer any firm standpoint. Life and the world are mysteries still
Intellectual pursuits are driven by career prospects and hence no genuine avenues are being explored. Need to delink knowledge from money.
As a hostage of emotions, man has limited control on action but his perception of the world derives from diverse sources, known and unknown.
Succumbing to psycho-physical methods in the guise of Yoga and philosophical system-building might seem normal but it's not without hazards.
@Nationalistweet In a sense, to teach is to cheat as no one knows the reality and each person is of different make. But for many it's career
Whatever we know, including Vedic, are mere suppositions and probabilities. But life, with its material compulsions, offers diverse careers.
@Nationalistweet Each person evolves according to his own situation (a mystery) and so it's difficult to recommend any particular career.
@Siddhakrishna You have your own background and mission; so it's difficult to come out of that bondage. We are all bonded. @Nationalistweet
@Nationalistweet @Siddhakrishna It's a mystery in the sense that I had no complete control over various happenings and availability of tools
@Siddhakrishna @Nationalistweet I'm hinting at the infinite possibilities that an individual harbours regardless of his past and community.
@Siddhakrishna @Nationalistweet That's where a man is different from the tree. Perception avenues in man is limitless and unique to each one
@Siddhakrishna "Mystery" is how we may define man despite wide biological affinity with most mammals. Perceiving new knowledge is his forte.
@Nationalistweet I don't want you to agree with me. Twitter enthuses to type and I perhaps can't resist the temptation but thoughts not mine
[You are as naive and ignorant as a newborn lamb. That is the way things come, only one does not notice.] Sri Aurobindo 
How we think about who we are shapes not only how we relate to the world but also our definition of consciousness
[All great civilizations eventually collapse. So what are the signs of their demise ?]
@vivekshettym February12, 2006 [mutiny in Navy made the British realise it was time to leave India. Dhananjaya Bhat]
[Let your grand-daughter live in a hut in my village, tend goats all day and sing your poems to her hearts content.] A rant against English - TALKING TERMS - DILEEP PADGAONKAR - Jul 25, 2004

Misc. References:

Nov '16 issue of Sraddha - Larry Seidlitz 
And as more of this body consciousness opened up, it became a part of her supramental body that would survive the death of the remnant which she laid down on November 17, 1973. The Mother’s primary mission was to bring down the supramental consciousness on earth, to establish it as a new principle in the evolving terrestrial consciousness. This she did, with Sri Aurobindo’s help, in 1956. For the next 17 years, she worked to establish it into her very cells, into matter. It is fair to assume that she took this work as far as was possible in the present circumstances. It also appears, from what she has said in the Agenda, that the supramental consciousness is actively at work here, is assured of its eventual manifestation in a new race of supramental beings, and is working to manifest its light and power in human beings who are open to it. Finally, we can assume that the Mother herself is directing this work, and exists in a supramental form in a world close to ours, a world that is like a lining of our own. (Reproduced with thanks and acknowledgement from  New Race, vol / xii – iv, Nov. 2011) [PDF] › Larry_NewRaceNovember Nov 27, 2011

The Ever-Living Presence (The 17 Nov 1973 and the Integral Yoga) Part 02/10

Sri Aurobindo and the Mother are not tied to a human body; they never were! Even during the period that is generally termed by us as a lifetime, their action extended beyond boundaries of Space, not only of physical Space but also beyond the material dimension of Space. So also their action extends beyond the boundaries of Time. Each of their deeds and words carries the stamp of eternity and hence will continue to have repercussions and reverberate and even bear fruit as the scroll of human destiny unfolds and the waves of Time roll on. Nor are they limited by the instrumentality of the physical body. There are countless examples that reveal how Sri Aurobindo and the Mother intervened subtly in far off places and changed what seemed an inevitable destiny. These examples have not ceased after 1950 or 1973. If anything they have multiplied, a fact to which many devotees will surely testify. All this is not to turn them into miracle-doing figures; that will indeed be little utility of the Divine Presence on Earth. Devotees of various saints and Avataras experience miracles in everyday life through their faith in respective Masters. That is a small point. The bigger issue is that this goes on to prove that they are not limited to a physical body and its instrumentality. They can and do act in multiple ways that often baffle the intelligence of the limited creature called man who, under the spell of Ignorance, knows not anything beyond his material sheath. But Ignorance in any field is not the limit of truth, it is only the limit of our ‘personal’ knowledge and hence our power to act and effectuate. As someone has rightly and beautifully said, ‘the limits of our sight are not the limits of Light’. Besides since time immemorial it has been known that the Divine can and does act through countless instruments and needs not hands or feet to execute His Will. His Guidance can be felt in the remotest corner of the world by one who seeks. All this is common knowledge and not so uncommon experience to many who live with trust and faith in the Grace and Protection of the Divine. Dr Alok Pandey

Swarajya-Sri Aurobindo saw evolution as a movement 'out of a material Inconscience into spiritual consciousness, an evolutionary self-building of Spirit on base of Matter.
The view of evolution, which The Mother (Mira Alfasa), spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, presented was heavily influenced by Theosophy’s view of evolution. › culture › rememberi... Sri Aurobindo spoke of his five dreams for the nation – a united India, the resurgence of Asia, unification of the world, the spiritual gift of India to the world, and evolution through raising human consciousness.

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