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Sing a song in your mother tongue

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Savitri Era: Prerna Singh's book vindicates our campaign for Sovereignty for the States #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
Key is to allow people of India to reorganise themselves voluntarily into multiple Nations constituted on the basis of whatever affinities.
Nationalism born more than a century back has lost meaning due to population explosion and India as one administrative unit is an anomaly.
Suppression of genuine nationalist feelings on linguistic lines in various States plus providing sordid governance has been a double whammy.
Linguistic regions being reorganised into independent nations with around 50m population has become a compulsion from good governance angle.
Culture and religion do spread over multiple nations but the way a language binds people should form a secure basis for nationhood in India.
Too much of uniformity is paralysing 1.3b people. Abolition of Central Govt. will galvanise the States and electrify international scenario.
Unity, Nationalism, etc pale in significance before the overriding principle of Democracy. Smaller linguistic nations can serve people well.
State-level politics has assumed a local character everywhere which is a clear signal of embryonic nationhood and unhinging from the Centre.
Most problems that Indians face emanates from the Central Government abolishing which is the only solution for people's welfare & happiness.
Delhi-centric worldview has to be abandoned if empowering people is the objective. States as Sovereign Republics will do it with efficiency.
India as one administrative unit has been an absurdity for the last seventy years. 1.3b people can't be forced to live under a single tent.
Each State is a repository of enormous cultural & linguistic treasure for preservation of which awarding Sovereign Republic status is a must
The Central Government must be done away with to save Indians from coterie type machinations to decide the fate of 1.3b citizens with ease.
Constitution of India has awarded too much power to two Gujaratis to lord over rest of the States and this warrants abolishing Central Govt.
@natsocialist Earlier errors can't be cited to justify present anomalies. The States should get Sovereignty to save them from two Gujaratis.
@natsocialist UP as an independent nation is a must for welfare of all concerned. Splitting it into four with 50m population is still better
@natsocialist India is an anomalous concept that has existed for seventy years. Languages and the States are the true basis of nationhood.
@natsocialist Definition of anti-national should change. Linguistic nationalism has been suppressed for too long and Central Govt. must go.
@natsocialist It's for the people to decide for which they have never got a chance as Constitution of India as a British legacy was imposed.
Two Gujaratis ruling BJP, RSS, and the Country without any respect for Federalism, Democracy, Modernity, and Civil liberties is a calamity.
Abolishing Central Govt and granting Sovereignty to the States is the most valid way of freeing the Country from the clutch of two Gujaratis
Socialism till 1991 and Capitalism thereafter has not been able to change the condition of Indian people and hence Sovereignty to the States
The real issue is granting Sovereignty to the States. All other socalled National issues are superfluous and meant for feeding media machine
Media and media persons are themselves newsmakers now and Citizens are hapless consumers. Sovereignty to States will stop political theatre.
India has many problems and they will be divided if States are made sovereign whereas benefits and opportunities will multiply exponentially
As fascist outfits, BJP and RSS may be spineless before two Gujaratis but it violates self-respect of people of other States and Federalism.
@GargaC @dna Hope you support our campaign for abolition of the Central Govt. and awarding Sovereignty to the States and specified Regions.
@ShivaKap Hope you support our campaign for abolition of the Central Govt. and awarding Sovereignty to the States and specified Regions.
@ShivaKap With allowance to personal preference, the question is whether a linguistic community of 77m has a right to a distinct nationhood?
@ShivaKap Constitution is a British legacy and people of India have never got a chance to review it. Population has grown four times since.
Indian languages act as magnets outside the country. They deserve nationhood for their people. A candid tale! @dna
Democracy in India has never reached even average soundness and, hence, two Gujaratis at the helm should not be mistaken as people's choice.
Ruling party leader and president belonging to one State is against the Federal spirit of the Constitution as well as fairness and decorum.
@m_for_moriarty What The East India Company initiated has reached its anti-climax with two Gujaratis concentrating all power in their hands.
@m_for_moriarty Western India (including Nagpur) has become a threat to the Eastern side of the Country and self-determination of the people
@m_for_moriarty That was the situation then but now the population has grown 4 times. So division is necessary for administrative efficiency
@m_for_moriarty Each State has a local character to its politics owing to demographics. So this "National" narrative is totally superfluous.
@m_for_moriarty You have just been exposed to the idea. Read my blogs, think over it; there's no hurry. Try to write an article examining it
@alok_bhatt Time ripe for abolishing the Central Govt. and the States claiming Sovereignty so that Democracy and Development reaches people.
@swarajnews @_SwarajIndia Real India lives in the States and hence abolishing Central Govt. and Sovereignty to the States must get priority.
India as a nation shouldn't be a facilitator of spreading religious obscurantism & hatred. States as independent Republics will put spanner.
Sing a song in your mother tongue
And feel the pangs of a suppressed nation.
Promise it its due Sovereignty
Without any other consideration.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo met on March 29, 1914 inaugurating Savitri Era which is facing a challenge by victory of Hindutva since May 2014.
Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals promoted by Hindutva fail to pass rational scrutiny. Savitri Erans should steer clear of dubious healings.
Foisting Smriti Irani as HRD Minister was a clear sign of how RSS views the future of India by promoting Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals.
@m_for_moriarty "Internationalist" is a better description of Sri Aurobindo and Sovereignty to States will lead to his envisaged World Union
@m_for_moriarty Your impressions may seem right but what Sri Aurobindo wrote a Century back points to a different order of things in future.
@m_for_moriarty Sri Aurobindo's broadcast over AIR Tiruchirappalli on August 14, 1947 is the most eloquent testimony
@m_for_moriarty Nature of politics is to break domination and assert and I think I'm engaged precisely in such a project with Sri Aurobindo.
@m_for_moriarty No point in dwelling in the past or idle speculations. The task is for the future and Sri Aurobindo must come to the fore.
A vital contribution of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is in restoring respectability to being a Believer while rejecting legitimacy of Rituals.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo focus on the human aspiration instead of any particular tradition or region thus engendering a universal Religion
Sri Aurobindo relies on the Veda, Upanishads, and Gita to delineate his Spiritual philosophy plus Yoga psychology but transcends boundaries.
Integral Advaitism of Sri Aurobindo - R.S. Misra, Political Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo - V.P. Varma, Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy of Social Development - R.N. Sharma
@kalisbrood Thanks for telling your miraculous story which is likely to inspire many. (From one with whom you have wideranging disagreement)

Misc. References:
[A humble attempt by @murlignosis and @maheshcr to record our journey on Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga] 
[Even on the day that India gained independence, Sri Aurobindo was already looking toward post-nationalism. Visionary.]
Bhagavad-Gita online put together by Dr Sampadananda Mishra (SAS and Vande Mataram Library)
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Grand vision and unreliable Utopia in the service of Pedagogy #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
Umberto Eco's analysis on Fascism is also pertinent here: via @lithub

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