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NaMo has lobbed PoMo bomb by DeMo

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty: 
Books like Shakespeare’s Asian Journeys (ed by Bi-qi B. Lei, JC Ick, & Poonam Trivedi) and Hegel's India (by Rathore & Rimina Mohapatra) seek to bridge East and West.
@AudreyTruschke Best wishes. You might be interested in the just published Hegel's India. Thanks. https://t.co/YhmMRtqrZ3 @LangaMahesh
Savitri Era Party: Top tweets by Savitri Era Party https://t.co/0oSxllMypN #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #FreeTheStates #DeMonetisation
Savitri Era: Sri Aurobindo espouses Modernity https://t.co/zgwkUebOLM #WorldUnion #DeMonetisation
@rvaidya2000 Two Gujaratis heading BJP too is a danger signal not only for the party but for the nation as a whole as it violates Federalism
So far, Modi has tried to taste and utilise all privileges that comes with the office of the PM in a super fast speed barring of course Nuke
As #BobDylan was awarded #NobelPrizeLiterature, a strong demand is welling up to award Nobel Prize in Economics to Modi for #DeMonetisation.
Modi evokes a formidable political opposition. So forcing #DeMonetisation or #DigitalPayments is bound to be resisted with multiplied vigour
@_Mauna_ @Flyfiddlesticks @madrasmail https://t.co/EJ2O3D7ta1 #DeMonetisation
News of huge amount of cash seized by police is pouring in. I'm wondering about the gigantic quantities of cash that has escaped authorities
@VikasSaraswat Thankfully, no Hindu-Muslim divide here as is common, or almost a norm, in many cases of allegations of crime or misdemeanor.
Continued hardship faced by 1.3 billion people owing to #DeMonetisation must force us to rethink on Centre so that States become sovereign.
Involvement of non-political players like Ramdev and Anna Hazare since 2010 along with crony-Capitalism has debilitated Parliamentary system
Despite waning of Congress, no other party has national presence. This proves that the Central Govt is an abnormal postulate of Constitution
Recent happenings in Tamil Nadu shows how the States genuinely are nations and are slipping into the imperial or monarchial pattern of Govt.
People of India can taste true Democracy only if the States are granted Sovereignty and the local culture and language receives legitimacy.
The Constitution of India has become like a ship carrying Indians towards Bermuda Triangle. The States as free nations is the only solution.
Parliament logjam is not due to any person or opposition but rather indicates the absurdity of Indian Constitution and the Parliament itself
Those who used to write the most biting tweets have joined the Govt. and hence BJP has been robbed of some valuable intellectual resources.
A dozen people or so tweet on Hindu theme all the year round. No other topic interests them; no earthquake or tsunami can stir them off it.
To the credit of #DeMonetisation, it has been a great leveler. Economists and novices alike are clueless about its impact and are babbling!
Hindutva votaries practice a form of untouchability. By not listening to or engaging with those opposed to them, they miss out on idea front
No doubt there are discrepancies but painting such universal themes like Secular, Liberal, or Human Rights pejoratively by the RW is a folly
NITI Aayog Lucky draws and recounting of cash by Banks are mind boggling things to hear. Therefore it's difficult to imagine what's in store
@AshayNaik1 Sri Aurobindo worked with Tilak and wrote about him. Evolutionary role of Lal-Bal-Pal collectively differs from your perception.
RW visibility should be matched by intellectual muscle as well as integrity which is missing. Even Modernity in India is a problem for many.
Ramdev fined and PayTM cheated are good news and the country seems to be slipping into a chaotic mode. Let the States be Sovereign Republics
Mythology, Sanskrit, and Rituals are against Modernity and Democracy and hence should be avoided except by those who pursue as their career.
Languages can regain their rightful place if the States become independent nations. India as a British legacy is ruining growth of Democracy
No knowledge system has explained the human mystery and so recommending any is erroneous and superfluous. Each one must follow unique flow.
Mythology and Rituals promote casteism; perpetuate feudalism. Children should be exposed to the ideals of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.
It's a matter of satisfaction that without any power of clairvoyance and just with lens of commonsense, we have opposed Modi since inception
Most Modi opponents belong to some political faction or the other but we have always advised to oppose the AAP, BJP, Congress, and the Left.
Modi is under the clutch of international syndicates and a few domestic corporates. So transparency and genuine Democracy can't be expected.
Modi avoids media and doesn't speak his mind. #DeMonetisation has proved that he has not been honest with fellow countrymen on his intention
@SavitriEraParty Modi has disappointed supporters to a large extent on Hindutva score to keep foreign masters happy. https://t.co/O2wbDkRQ0Y
Dire need for commonsense-based reasoning in the interest of the country and fellow citizens instead of blindly supporting a party or leader
Right understanding of issues can banish Left-Right divide and allow people-centric policies like decentralisation to occupy the centrestage
If you haven't personally experienced or verified the effect of any ritual, tradition, or knowledge-system, better to avoid recommending it.
A minor slant or omission while describing past events can turn the whole story false. So, extreme care is needed not to distort the truth.
One needs to be honest with oneself and ask constantly: Whether what I'm defending is really the right thing to do? Do I have enough proof?
Each person is so different by his or her background as well as future that it is hardly useful to teach or influence. Better to check self.
Methodological integrity is integral to any claim to decent scholarship and shouldn't be sacrificed at the altar of some hue of Nationalism.
Plurality of opinion may seem normal but is an anomaly on rational criterion. Purified understanding can converge and harmonise perspectives
Human Cycle and World Union are very relevant concepts introduced by Sri Aurobindo which can give a more rounded global perspective. [TNM55]
Sober expression of difference and avoiding ad hominem is the hallmark of a mature engagement with theory and navigating through uncertainty
Evolution acts as a tension between the cyclical or mechanical movement of Nature and an emergent urge towards New. https://t.co/l5p9TL71Ds
@postcolonialist I agree with the thrust of the thread but will stick my neck out to look at #DeMonetisation as a shock therapy for people.
@postcolonialist #DeMonetisation has put people in enormous hardships but it has also taken economic lessons to every home and every person.
@postcolonialist As a decision, it would have stood tall but the subsequent 50-50 scheme and push for cashless payments robbed its sanctity.
@maidros78 With due respect to your honesty of purpose, studies like this, despite uneven inferences, should spur an intellectual churning.
@rupasubramanya @postcolonialist https://t.co/gaND3YrpxP
@bhartendu2206 In a slightly lighter vein, may I offer the hypothesis that Rulers seem to be kowtowing before Mercantile class at the moment
Modi Govt has lost credibility; must be said to go. More and more of his fans are realising the folly of supporting. https://t.co/yEMy399bEt
@satyanveshan Nothing personal in this; its all policy and facts based. I think, every responsible and concerned citizen should contribute.
@Oundhakar @postcolonialist Nice way of putting it! But I still hold that an intellectual fermentation is underway and that's the +ve part.
@Oundhakar @postcolonialist I agree. But Hindutva folks are being rewired to think in economic terms instead of Muslims, beef, and temples!
@Oundhakar Defending #DeMonetisation is the greatest intellectual challenge that Hindutva bandwagon has faced during the last hundred years.
@arvindneela Now, FM. https://t.co/SLzpOwoAFK @atlasdanced
@nirvana74v @vimuktaatma Power, Money, and Sex are the most fundamental levers that drive man. Tech can't even be a distant fourth. My 2c.
@satyanveshan Your supposition is not shared by millions of fellow Indians. Not mentioning Cashless push on Nov 8 is one of his recent lies.
@satyanveshan The PM withholding the real intention behind #DeMonetisation on Nov 8 is dishonesty. Winning elections are a different game!
The task today is to be independent, objective and honest in holding opinions and examine each issue separately by shunning grand narratives
Transparency and candour on the part of leaders is a key indicator of genuine Democracy. But in India, we encounter a conspiracy of silence.
It's amazing that despite being in power for 31 months Modi supporters have not been able to earn an iota of legitimacy or build credibility
The very name "NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India)" says it all. It bothers no one that Aayog is superficial and absurd
#DeMonetisation has applied a body blow to the abilities of Modi, Shah, Jaitley, MoF, NITI Aayog, RBI, RSS, VIF, Doval, Bibek Debroy, et al.
Knowledge is neither Hindu nor Christian; neither Buddhist nor Muslim. Hence The Mother & Sri Aurobindo formulated and promoted Integralism.
Books by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo help to shatter set beliefs and unexamined notions; stoke irreverence for past but humility for future.
#DeMonetisation offers the right occasion to think, if India as a country uses USD or Euro, then why its citizens shouldn't be permitted so?
This storm in a Taimur-cup has once again proved the infantile mode of RW thinking and their propensity to be worked up over trivial matters
Sri Aurobindo's plea and messianic zeal for Spirituality almost matches in passion his missionary spirit of Nationalism denting credibility.
Coercive instincts of Modi regime can't be understood by political correctness without Evolutionary dialectics of Sri Aurobindian ontology.
Valorising past ideologies is a losing game as their disintegration or obsolescence is sure. Sri Aurobindo awakes to Evolutionary preference
Dominant religions and political factions compete to rule but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo inaugurated reign of Savitri Era on March 29, 1914.
Constitutional posts demand adhering to strict stereotypes and avoiding subjective flourishes and yet people expect their holders to overtop
Arbitrary use of Sanskrit acts as a cause for largescale alienation and marginalisation in domains from religious rituals to music and dance
Bollywood movies have influenced generations of Indians although they are yet to be accorded theoretical prestige in discourse on ethics.
BJP as a party seems to have gone into hibernation since it has become a cipher as regards policy decisions and scrutinising implementation.
The Supremo and High Command culture prevailing across political parties in India has made Democracy a joke. Time for people to wake up.
The British gifted us Democracy but the present generation is responsible to ensure its quality. RW seems to be against sec-lib-dem trinity!
Modi knows well that no one is his friend except his image. So he is least bothered about the economy or any ecosystem. Circus is his forte!
Someday Modi will build his own statue proving JJ a visionary and Mayawati a prophet. For Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, autobiography was aswarga!
BJP priority is to copy all Congress misdeeds so that supporters can justify them easily. A sly Muslim angle also can be readily discernible
BJP supporters proclaim that India belongs to them and others are mere loiters or exploiters. They long for a form of graded citizenships.
BJP fans won't tolerate any criticism of the Govt nor will judge its steps independently. Always a comparison with past act would accompany.
The height of the planned statues can serve as an indication of how deep the inferiority complex of BJP supporters is which refuses to heal.
Property rights is sacrosanct for Market leading to status quo but Democracy is the means for shuffling fortunes and overhauling hierarchies
Many Modi supporters are quite intelligent and well read but they compulsively justifying #DeMonetisation or #shivajistatue is pathetic tune
A doctor needs to be independent for correct diagnosis but in-house psephologists of BJP feeding it crap is the most redeeming phenomenon.
RSS has a nationwide network of paid-cadre and sympathisers who inter alia function as intelligence personnel or rumour-mongers when needed.
Forging Indian people as a monolith is a pet RSS notion and so Aadhar and Cashless idea are proving to be exactly what RSS has been aspiring
Those working at macro level will obviously find Cashless tempting but respecting privacy and freedom is essential. https://t.co/EhZP6PZaKu
@scribe_it In fact, "Swayamsevak" doesn't mean anything special or formal membership since everyone is a "Swayamsevak" serving self-interest
@sabhlok Resurrecting Gandhi is surely an interesting but strange facet. Pushparaj V Deshpande advocates the same. https://t.co/ff4H96HGYI
@sabhlok States of India as independent Republics, however, is the most needed radical step for stoking Development from the grassroots.
@sabhlok With due respect, #Gandhi, as an icon, has numerous problems and his economics, still larger. Not worth endorsing! @vimuktaatma
All political campaigners like S. Gurumurthy, P. Sainath, Rajiv Dixit, Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi are passé
Let's hope that in 2017, people of India recognise the genius of Sri Aurobindo and the political relevance he had displayed at Surat in 1907
Modi is a puppet in the hands of Ambani and International syndicates in the same way as Sonia is of Italian mafia. India is yet to be free.
Mythology, history, tradition, rituals, and culture etc exert hegemony and belittle one's individuality. Safe to be away from metanarratives
@vimuktaatma 20th century philosophy has immense treasure for rescuing individuality within which Sri Aurobindo's interpretations is pivotal
Longing for belonging is normal during adolescence but individuation is basic responsibility as adults. No better guide than Sri Aurobindo.
Sanskrit texts give a false and disproportionate sense of authority and legitimacy disregarding which is essential for cutting complacency.
Literal reading of Sri Aurobindo can be deceptive. He, rather, helps to juggle with ideas and ontological constructs as a mental gymnastics.
Though I wrote an article on EFT twenty years back as a Bank officer, I have avoided using it till now. Hope to retain that freedom in future. [TNM55]
With #DeMonetisation Modi can be said to have lobbed the #postModernism bomb in India as people are grappling with uncertainty & ambivalence
As people scramble to gather a secure meaning of Artha, principles of Dharma are bound to be called into question to undergo reexaminations.
This rationalist glorification of human ingenuity dovetails into an overall ontology that is too mysterious and beyond human comprehension. https://t.co/enCFgJeBcY
@yugaparivartan Hope you add a few citations, - for and against, - your assertions in future instalments so that it bears an academic look.
@gopikamisra @veenavenugopal Even the complain is a pretext to talk about the kid! May be, something ingrained due to evolutionary necessity
@Bhairavaprasada @WordOfTheFree @AgentSaffron @venkateshkm So we even need a Greek national to put sand in our eyes! http://t.co/iYeaS6Pl9G
@KiranKS @dwarakiMN My idea ! https://t.co/PKgY4dMJ7S
@SandeepLaw Why only judiciary, all Constitutional authorities need to be observed on ongoing basis by Civil Society group including lawyers
@Retributions @politico The revenge of Gulf War as video game!
@ibfc007 @abhility @Bodhisatvaa Following too ambitious time tables is the reason why trains are running late invariably. Time to junk them!
@Bodhisatvaa @ibfc007 @abhility If nothing more is expected than the actual, then nothing is pathetic. Expecting too much is root of grief!
@Tweeter_wapsi @c_aashish My vote goes to Millennium Post https://t.co/qVi2RXDpCa
@KiranKS Watched Lucky Star (Malayalam - 2013) on TV on Wednesday with a nice theme and fine acting without understanding the language.
Twitter can be a much more useful forum of conversation if DP is abolished and change of handle name is not permitted. @TwitterIndia
@vimuktaatma @TwitterIndia Frequent change of DP and Name by users becomes difficult to decipher by followers. An unnecessary task on memory
@vimuktaatma @TwitterIndia They are for illiterates, just like our election symbols. Not for people like you, obviously! @rranjan501
@rranjan501 Judging can't be avoided, it's rather essential. But the point is, it should be firm and stable without confusion over identity.
[The trouble with this artistic portrayal of fascism is that Benito Mussolini, the suave gentleman, doesn’t fit.] NM https://t.co/OIMbuE0qbS
[some of Noam Chomsky’s recent views are also problematic in the perspective on fascism I am trying to develop.] ~NM https://t.co/A2Ccj1o0pz
[each country must be investigated to understand power, we turn briefly to the Indian scene.] ~Nirmalangshu Mukherji https://t.co/bLa8CqKnnt
Mind and Resistance: Everybody Loves a Good Fascist--Part VI https://t.co/By3mSvEn9F
Yearning-for-consciousness - part-I https://t.co/YEt1Jq8KUL
[consciousness, belief & knowledge are interpersonal social devices; on par with values such as ethics & aesthetics] https://t.co/aRy5a7rMvd
[My first encounters with Alasdair MacIntyre. 08 Sunday Nov 2015. Posted by Amod Lele] https://t.co/jg2DyumP7G #KenWilber #Hegel
[Philosophy must recognize that there can be more precision in a complex novelistic description than in abstract theoretical discourse] ~MCN
[How should we teach critical thinking? Peter Ellerton, Lec in Critical Thinking, University of Queensland] https://t.co/FdmfHjvchy via @wef
Our brains don't fully mature until after we hit 30 https://t.co/nB1fOhDdqF via @MailOnline
[unrealistic assumptions such as the belief in a perfectly rational, utility-maximizing, autonomous individual.] https://t.co/BrgZ4nCjaU
[In every reactionary there lies a bit of Don Quixote, pining for the Golden Age—and making a fool of himself.] ~ML https://t.co/WGlXqGCLhQ
[Democracy requires a citizenship that meets, deliberates and interacts without fear and hatred. give people a voice https://t.co/vBIRjnQJbK
[Deleuze essay, Foucault on panopticism. Haggerty and Ericsson’s Surveillant Assemblage makes Deleuze’s argument, but is in an easier idiom]
[“If one has to study philosophy one has to analyse Beckett’s Waiting for Godot first" Prof Shobhan Chowdhury Gomes] https://t.co/CO5dVIjN92
[Tolkien, an author I love, including two remarkable Film Trilogies made by Peter Jackson from LOTR and The Hobbit] https://t.co/wMNFI2jHri
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Rehearsals of what a person might someday be https://t.co/QWVhh7Ja4b #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion @2045Initiative
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, A.K. Ramanujan, and Noam Chomsky https://t.co/r6eN4XKWeq #SriAurobindo #IntegralYoga
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Renovating democracy by innovating how communities engage https://t.co/qrNS0qZr3b #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
Plain & Simple: Max Weber, Maslow, and Sri Aurobindo https://t.co/YoepOOwzHZ
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad https://t.co/YGoEhdLyp7
Listen Soulfull House Mix 2 Program by : Shamika https://t.co/4taXTtEhRZ
@Fact [We are before an extraordinary mystery, which could truly be a fairy tale. The fairy tale of the species.] Satprem https://t.co/gD9foH56fw

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