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Sri Aurobindo espouses Modernity

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Savitri Era: Dhiren Bhagat, Dileep Padgaonkar, and Fidel Castro #SriAurobindo #DeMonetisation #FreeTheStates
Whatever be the intention behind #DeMonetisation its consequences have conclusively proved how India has become unmanageable and must split.
Economic indicators measured by national boundaries is the most fallacious number crunching undertaken. Economy is global as well as local.
Any big move in economic domain is bound to trigger a thousand other unforeseen results. On political front Modi can never occupy mainstream
Democracy has this curious feature that even a majority or height of popularity doesn't always bestow a full scale legitimacy on bold moves.
The path of Democracy is narrow which needs to be trod with ample sensitivity. Sacrificing every other prescription can be forgiven, then.
UP must become an independent country. Carving out four or five Sovereign nations out of UP is more preferable. India must split to progress
@tufailelif @krdave India breaking into 40 to 50 nations of around 50m population is the most viable solution to the present mismanagement.
@krdave @tufailelif That danger is always there and we have already experienced. So smaller nations will serve as an insurance against that.
@vivekas Human body is an organic whole but India is a Colonial legacy. Linguistic States are natural nations that must get back Sovereignty
@Point_Blanc79 Examine ideas; read my blog instead of probing funding and such other mean way of judging things. Each citizen thinks freely.
@Point_Blanc79 I don't think all organisations are required to disclose their funding to you. Try to be rational & fair and respect dissent.
@Point_Blanc79 Don't assume things
React as a responsible citizen
Herd mentality is not good for Democracy
Learn to respect fellow citizens
@vivekas Present reality is that linguistic States are different from each other and 50m population is ideal for a Nation and a Democracy.
@CuriousKudi @vivekas @Point_Blanc79 What are the facts? Where can I find it? I know about the Kalinga kingdom that fought against Ashoka.
@CuriousKudi A modern Democracy with optimum population is good for efficient Governance and States with linguistic homogeneity are ideal.
@CuriousKudi Population has grown four times since Independence and hence India must give way to multiple nations with languages as focus.
@CuriousKudi Democracy & Development is not reaching people. And States being natural nations must get Sovereignty for their full potential.
@vivekas @CuriousKudi Those grand narratives are useless in the present situation. Abnormal population has made our Democracy dysfunctional.
@vivekas @CuriousKudi Read this and subsequent posts: Kashmir and Odisha should be weighed on the same footing
Sri Aurobindo passed away on December 5, 1950. His vision of a World Union necessitates that the Sovereign States of India form a Federation
India with 1.3b population is a threat to the world peace like China. Independent States with around 50m people each are ideal members of UN
@jitengajaria Ramdev might recommend your name for the top post if he comes across such a fertile brain!
Modi is increasingly proving the anomaly and absurdity of India as a single nation. Let's hope, he is the last Prime Minister to rule India.
BJP headed by two Gujaratis has proved to be the worst crime against Indian Democracy & Federalism. Now time for the States to go Sovereign.
States as Sovereign Republics is the only solution to save 1.3b people from further Modi-made calamities. Let each State craft its own fate.
India refers to geographical area and was never a single nation. Population has grown fourfold since British left making India unmanageable.
Electing a person to rule over 1.3b people is ridiculous and absurd. States as Sovereign nations is an apt solution.
States built around robust languages with optimum population can be powerhouses for exponential growth & bulwark for international wrestling
India as a nation has been an economic disaster and politically insensitive towards citizens. States as Sovereign Republics can correct that
The notion of India feeds megalomania without commensurate benefits. States as independent nations can be much more cohesive and productive.
Policy reformulations with States of India as focal points can galvanise the people of these new nations into action
Tamil Nadu is a nation and must gain Sovereignty. So is Andhra, Odisha, Bengal, Bihar, and all other States and specified Regions of India.
@CNNnews18 Linguistic States of India are natural nations and should be granted Sovereignty; so new nations are born with optimum population
@d_extrovert @Mint_Opinion @ccsindia @atanudey India with its abnormal level of population has become an anomaly. States must be Sovereign.
Each language in India nurtures a nation. British folly of uniting different regions needs to be reversed by granting Sovereignty to States.
Considering from the point of view of poverty and Democracy and Development not reaching people, States as independent countries is the best
Abolishing the Central Govt and granting Sovereignty to the States should be able to solve half the problems Indians are facing at present.
After seventy years, India has reached a dead end as no one can lead it. Centre has to be dispensed with with States acquiring Sovereignty.
Genuine nationalism is language based in India and, therefore, turning the States as Sovereign Republics is the only way for real Democracy.
@SkandaVeera @Nikhil_7D @ArmchairPseph @a_r_j_u_n
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@SkandaVeera Result was for the site, I think; not any particular article. Anyway, I'm not informed to the level of such great heights!
@SkandaVeera Fine, if you think so. But for me, writing on India without any mention of Sri Aurobindo signals that something is being evaded
Modern India's topmost poet and philosopher, Sri Aurobindo had passed away on December 5, 1950. His last writings at
@RakeshSinha01 Many are troubled by this stance but the best theoretical justification can be had from Sri Aurobindo who espouses Modernity.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy was born in 1772 and Sri Aurobindo in 1872. Philosophy and Religion was undergoing heavy churning for a Century in India.
The West was also under the grip of atheist thinking but Sri Aurobindo firmly re-established Vedic message of Divine Perfection and Harmony.
The theoretical foundation that Sri Aurobindo built by bridging tradition and modernity has no parallel but most don't read due to prejudice
Sri Aurobindo is the most suitable alternative to flawed ideologies ensuing from Marx, Gandhi, Nehru, Subhas, Lohia, Ambedkar, and Savarkar.
There is not a single text or philosophy which can satisfactorily explain the mystery of life and the world and the working of the Universe.
Dichotomous formulations like Dharmic-Abrahamic or East vs. West, therefore, are a meaningless conundrum under which are trapped many a mind
Those deluding themselves that Indian Mythology and tradition is superior than other options are like a bunch of blindmen leading blindmen.
Many Hindutva votaries are so certain of their theories that they don't think twice before insulting others for simply disagreeing with them
Instances galore where food, medicine, & similar lifestyle choices are pushed aggressively by Hindutva footsoldiers verging upon fanaticism.
Just like no one can predict correctly the effects of a disruptive measure like #DeMonetisation, Hindutva acolytes must respect Ambivalence.
Internet has gifted unprecedented access to knowledge sources and, hence, blindly worshipping the past must stop to start critical scrutiny.
Quixotic, Nero, or Tughlaq are invoked but nothing explains #DeMonetisation scenario better than "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."
[“the road to hell is paved with good intentions” serves as a useful reminder and warning in this context.] ~Dr. MMS
Y2K valorized Technology; 9/11 focus was on Terror and Religion. #DeMonetisation has brought home the old lesson "It's the economy, stupid."
The way the #DeMonetisation aftermath is snowballing, it looks unlikely that Modi Govt would survive this year. The sword of RSS can strike!
Likely gains from #DeMonetisation in future and present sufferings fall under different and diverse domains and hence not easily comparable.
Thus, all those justifying #DeMonetisation don't have adequate bulwark to substantiate. Their rhetoric is drowning under lingering hardship.
It's clear like daylight that the disruptive pricing of R-Jio is the principal sponsor of #DeMonetisation and Modi has acted like a puppet!
There is no doubt, with #DeMonetisation, Modi has committed political harakiri and can never recoup. His stint will be compared with meteor.
All said and done, the intellectual overhaul #DeMonetisation has triggered within Hindutva bandwagon is the most salutary, evolutionarily.
@ShivaKap Intellectuals are expected to offer critical appraisal in contradistinction to whatever the hoi polloi "trust" in their naivety.
@ShivaKap That's fine, but supporters of Hindutva valorising #DeMonetisation across the board raises doubts on objective thinking. @_Mauna_
Man and the Divine are two major abstractions in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo because of which normal human affairs are often sidetracked
Seminal scientific discoveries or political events don't hold much value in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy although they matter for individuals.
Indifference towards normal life is a key defect of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy as there is no reliable method for transformation of emotions
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo advise to replace the ordinary human motivation for diverse aspects of life with dispassion but such a task fails
Life's journey being an unique and unknown trajectory for each person, looking for patterns in collective or religious affairs is a falsity.
@vimuktaatma May be but that doesn't help us, the devotees of Sri Aurobindo, as we have to find all reconciliation within his teaching only
@vimuktaatma I don't think such freedom is available to those who follow Sri Aurobindo & The Mother since they demand loyalty and surrender.
@vidyanandgarg Two other booklets, The Mother and The Supramental Manifestation upon Earth are essential supplements

From a mail:
Various taxonomies and terminologies have come to us via tradition and reconciling them with Sri Aurobindo's system can be problematic. However, if we accept a gradual refinement of one's consciousness, then it is obvious that after a particular point the "l" may not have much value and thus loses relevance. But, I'd prefer retaining the "I" more as a political project and for epistemological purposes so that one can really test and taste whatever is touted as the Turiya. Thanks. [TNM55]

Misc. References:

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Thanks to the editors of the collection and the librarians of the American University in Cairo for making the article available so quickly, HERE.
I had an intense fascination with Baudrillard early in graduate school. And though I wouldn’t say the fascination lasted intact across the years, I do still think there’s more going on in his work than many critics think. In any case, this is the first time I’ve published about him.
But for OOO, the inwardness of things can never be brought to light, and thus the reality to be had is not the unattainable one hidden behind the sensual waterfall or rose but the new compound reality of the beholder seduced by these objects plus the objects themselves. This is Baudrillard’s concept of the wager, which he unsurprisingly traces back to Pascal: “No one escapes from this experience of investing an object, as an object, with all the occulted force of objectivity. This is also a part of the absurd wagers we make, as was the case for Pascal’s famous wager on the existence of God.”19 
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If we read Benjamin as lamenting the loss of a former realism of thingly auras, and Baudrillard as prescribing a hyperreal that actually means a nonreality of simulacra, then OOO is more interested in the new compound real made up of the simulacrum and its admirer, who is seduced by it.

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The fiction you’re not able read right now builds worlds; poetry breathes. - I’ve been hearing & reading a recurring sentiment since the election: I can’t read fiction right now. That I hear it most commonly from those I consider “s... 

Sri Aurobindo devoted his life towards transformative yoga - A Life Divine: Remembering Sri Aurobindo on His Death Anniversary The Quint-8 hours ago A new play on Sri Aurobindo is in the works. Led by West Bengal Touri... 

Towards an Alternative Paradigm of Matter: A Consciousness Perspective – M.S. Srinivasan - This article is a summary and conclusion of the earlier three part series of article on the Nature of Matter in New Physics, in the light of a consciousnes... 

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