Friday, December 30, 2016

There is no unmixed victory

The philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo may be valuable for me as a believer but I don't expect others to be appreciative to the same degree.
By combing philosophy blogs from 2005 to 2016, I come to the conclusion that they are mere attempts and there can't be any final explanation
Being a figment and a fragment, it's absurd for me to expect to understand the mystery of the whole creation, or read it through a language.
No philosophy, religion, or poetic imagination can be said to be even partly true since without knowing the mystery of the whole no part is valid
Those passionate about some specific theory or ideology may proceed on their own risk since no secure foundation for it can be established.
Expecting events to be driven by moral norms is an error. Life and the world being a mystery, deducing any kind of order or logic is caprice
[Take the example of the story of Sharmistha, the princess, and Devyani. The lesson is, there is no unmixed victory]
Each Religion is a work of fiction, an alternative narrative, breaking heads or bones over the sanctity or veracity of which is stupidity.
From Ribosomes in cells to Rhizome in culture diversity has varieties of explanations but multiple Religions for human species is illusion
Life is short and everyone is on the way. So, no one knows it fully and all past writings and other content are suppositions or speculations
Solipsism, Reductionism, Relativism, or Nihilism etc are often referred to in a negative sense but each has some truth in it and hold up mirror
The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs initiated wide ranging critical scrutiny in 2008 but people in general have failed to take benefit
Available online, The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs provides rare glimpses into history of freedom struggle.
One advantage of being in Twitter is the feeling of roaming among the most ethical persons on earth although that never happens in real life
Modernity is grateful to India for producing excellent democrats like MGR, NTR, JJ, Mayawati, Mamata Banerjee, Naveen, Mulayam, Lalu, & Modi!
Jantar Mantar protests, TV news channels, and Twitter have acquired so much influence that Indian Democracy has changed beyond recognition.
Modi is sure to create a world record in terms of TRP for his forthcoming address to the nation. Goes well with his megalomaniac enterprises
The way the #DeMonetisation aftermath is snowballing, it looks unlikely that Modi Govt would survive this year. The sword of RSS can strike!
All said and done, the intellectual overhaul #DeMonetisation has triggered within Hindutva bandwagon is the most salutary, evolutionarily.
Savitri Era: NaMo has lobbed PoMo bomb by DeMo #SriAurobindo #DeMonetisation
Current equations between citizen groups shouldn't be decided on the basis of events that took place or books written 50 or 100 years before
Each State and specified region must delink from the India narrative and decide its fate democratically based on local demography and drive.
The task today is to be independent, objective and honest in holding opinions and examine each issue separately by shunning grand narratives
No knowledge system has explained the human mystery and so recommending any is erroneous and superfluous. Each one must follow unique flow.
If you haven't personally experienced or verified the effect of any ritual, tradition, or knowledge-system, better to avoid recommending it.
One needs to be honest with oneself and ask constantly: Whether what I'm defending is really the right thing to do? Do I have enough proof?
Plurality of opinion may seem normal but is an anomaly on rational criterion. Purified understanding can converge and harmonise perspectives
Human Cycle and World Union are very relevant concepts introduced by Sri Aurobindo which can give a more rounded global perspective. [TNM55]
Literal reading of Sri Aurobindo can be deceptive. He, rather, helps to juggle with ideas and ontological constructs as a mental gymnastics.
This rationalist glorification of human ingenuity dovetails into an overall ontology that is too mysterious and beyond human comprehension.
The theoretical foundation that Sri Aurobindo built by bridging tradition and modernity has no parallel but most don't read due to prejudice
Sri Aurobindo is the most suitable alternative to flawed ideologies ensuing from Marx, Gandhi, Nehru, Subhas, Lohia, Ambedkar, and Savarkar.
There is not a single text or philosophy which can satisfactorily explain the mystery of life and the world or the working of the Universe.
Man and the Divine are two major abstractions in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo because of which normal human affairs are often sidetracked
Seminal scientific discoveries or political events don't hold much value in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy although they matter for individuals.
Indifference towards normal life is a key defect of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy as there is no reliable method for transformation of emotions
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo advise to replace the ordinary human motivation for diverse aspects of life with dispassion but such a task fails
Life's journey being an unique and unknown trajectory for each person, looking for patterns in collective or religious affairs is a falsity.
Future needn't be defined by past writings or belief; even science doesn't offer any firm standpoint. Life and the world are mysteries still
Intellectual pursuits are driven by career prospects and hence no genuine avenues are being explored. Need to delink knowledge from money.
As a hostage of emotions, man has limited control on action but his perception of the world derives from diverse sources, known and unknown.
Succumbing to psycho-physical methods in the guise of Yoga and philosophical system-building might seem normal but it's not without hazards.
@Nationalistweet In a sense, to teach is to cheat as no one knows the reality and each person is of different make. But for many it's career
Whatever we know, including Vedic, are mere suppositions and probabilities. But life, with its material compulsions, offers diverse careers.
@Nationalistweet Each person evolves according to his own situation (a mystery) and so it's difficult to recommend any particular career.
@Siddhakrishna You have your own background and mission; so it's difficult to come out of that bondage. We are all bonded. @Nationalistweet
@Nationalistweet @Siddhakrishna It's a mystery in the sense that I had no complete control over various happenings and availability of tools
@Siddhakrishna @Nationalistweet I'm hinting at the infinite possibilities that an individual harbours regardless of his past and community.
@Siddhakrishna @Nationalistweet That's where a man is different from the tree. Perception avenues in man is limitless and unique to each one
@Siddhakrishna "Mystery" is how we may define man despite wide biological affinity with most mammals. Perceiving new knowledge is his forte.
Future needn't be defined by past writings or belief; even science doesn't offer any firm standpoint. Life and the world are mysteries still
There is not a single text or philosophy which can satisfactorily explain the mystery of life and the world or the working of the Universe.
Jibana bisayare chinta kariba samastanka pain eka sadharana katha. Kintu jibana kana o kouthipain, taku parjyalochana karibata ete sahaja nuhen. (Odia)

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