Sunday, September 05, 2021

Online resources on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

Scope for learning about Sri Aurobindo was available neither in the school nor in the college. I read his books and magazines through Pathachakra study-circles and seminars organised by voluntary effort. Babaji Maharaj and Prapatti carried the message of the new light to all corners of Odisha. Day to acknowledge that debt and gratitude.

Online resources on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are abundant now.
Sri Aurobindo's complete works

Let's hope technology facilitates access for more and more people across the globe. Visiting original sites and combing their archives is more educative than loitering in Tweeter and Facebook.

If you read only Sri Aurobindo, that's sufficient otherwise one gets prejudiced. His interpretation of the Veda is important.

Requesting again not to tag me in your tweets as worthless likes notifications disturb my work.

Requesting the same
I don't block. I can mute but I respect his views and insights although most of the time they are not practicable but serves intellectual exuberance. Thanks.

Times have changed. Population has grown fourfold since independence. So more radical changes needed. #WorldUnion #FiveDreams
Modi has sufficient popularity to execute the following. 1. Take over as President 2. Chief Ministers are redesignated as Prime Ministers 3. Concede Sovereignty to the States in a phased manner 4. Constituting a federation of new Nations on voluntary basis 5. Making India history

You have put Sri Aurobindo among his opponents and adversaries. Please be kind to him.
Goel might have been inspired by Sri Aurobindo but his work led to disharmony and hatred. He didn't accept SA's philosophy in its entirety but used some of his sayings to justify his own radical agenda.

Savitri Era: Westphobia is anomalous TN Mohapatra Director Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF-2005) Founder of Savitri Era Religion (2006) & Founder-President, Savitri Era Party (2007) Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

By Tusar Nath Mohapatra, September 5, 2021 @NathTusar Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - since 2005). Also, Founder of Savitri Era Religion (2006) and Founder-President, Savitri Era Party (2007). SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (U.P.) 96500-65636
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

By Tusar Nath Mohapatra, 2015 PDF Keywords: Sri Aurobindo, Integral Management, Evolution, Self Growth, ... Self: Towards a Phenomenology of Romanticism (Atlantic Highlands, N.J:.

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